Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Can You Market Your Book For 5 Minutes A Day?

What if I told you that you can market your book for just five minutes a day and be successful at selling more books, branding your name, and getting out your message?

From a handful. I would get the response:  “That’s too much time.”  They fear book marketing. But for the vast majority, they’d likely respond:  “That’s not possible.”

Well, after reading through a new book, 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors: Easy and Effective Ways to Market Your Book Every Single Day by Penny Sansevieri, you will feel not only is it possible, but necessary.

The book is written in short, easy-to-follow chapters that ease even novice authors and first-time book marketers into the process of making themselves a little famous.

Sansevieri, who has penned 16 books, runs a marketing company, and teaches publishing and marketing at NYU, claims:  “This book is set-up so that you can do only 5-minute incremental work, but it also includes instructions for when you are ready to dig deeper and spend more time.”

So what goodies does she offer on the quick that can instantly ramp up a writer into a smooth-talking book promoter? She has chapters on the following:

·         Maximizing Goodreads Giveaways.
·         How Great Amazon Descriptions Sell More Books
·         Optimizing Your Amazon Author Central Page.
·         Five Facts About Kindle Unlimited
·         Why Free Us A Killer Marketing Strategy
·         How to Get More Out of Your Newsletter.
·         Making Your Website Work For You.
·         4 Easy Things to Do Even If You Don’t Want to Market Your Book
·         Twitter 101
·         Facebook Secrets
·         Pinterest Basics

You realize, just after skimming through her book, there are so many strategies to promote and market a book – and many of them don’t have to use up a lot of your time, money or brain cells. Some of the obvious steps one should take include:

  • Create an author profile on Goodreads and do a book give-away.
  • Create an Amazon Author Central Page – and claim a page from overseas sites such as authorcentral.amazon.co.uk.
  • Develop an elevator pitch so you can discuss your book easily and quickly any time.
  • Update your Amazon book page often, use top keywords, add in new reviews, tailor your bio to your book, and be aware of how your book is categorized (print genres differ from e-books)
  • You can get 5-star Amazon book reviews via your professional network, super fans, bloggers, and Amazon reviewers (see www.amazon.com/review/topreviewers).
  • Give away other things besides a book – videos, webinars, content, reports, and resources – to inspire people to buy your book.

Sansevieri noted there are many sites you can list your book – for sale or giveaway – including:

Her website tips include these:

·         Never design your own web site – hire someone.
·         Make your sites scannable – your homepage text should have 200-250 words max.
·         Readers look at the upper left-quadrant of a site first – put your lay message there.
·         Include a media room – list your media clips and share your video, Q & A, photos, and press releases.
·         Update it often.

Sansevieri’s book can’t be read in five minutes but after spending an hour with it, you can digest a lot of helpful information to get you going.  

There was no mention of speaking engagements, which are often used to sell and promote books.       The book was also silent on traditional media – how to get interviews, book reviews, or feature stories with television, print, or radio – or even how to go about getting covered by podcasters, major websites, and other digital media. Lastly, the Twitter chapter was a thin 1.5 pages that lacked substance. Still, no book can be all things to all people. For authors looking to do a little each day – and not much more, 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors points people in the right direction.

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