Wednesday, September 25, 2019

20 Things To Hate Before Eating Breakfast

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In no exact order here’s my day of rage on the many things I am sick and tired of:

1.      Busy stores, like Starbucks, that are understaffed – or staffed with sloooow or incompetent people which have no sense of urgency or ability to help me.

2.      The morons who insist on providing exact change at a counter to pay, often holding up a line so they can scratch their asses to find a penny and turn their pockets inside out to get the nickel they just knew they had but somehow managed to misplace while I rot away on line watching their idiocy play itself out.

3.      Product pushes during a five-second lapse in action during a sporting event, whether on TV or radio by announcers that have to seamlessly discuss a product as if reciting statistics of a player in some natural or expected way when it’s anything but.

4.      Reality shows.  They are all the same.  One prototype and the rest copy it.  They are scripted, manipulated, and paced just so with stupid background music that tells you all that is unfolding before you is fake drama.

5.      Weak denials or promises by Facebook and Google about privacy protections, hacked data, juiced searches, and false data.  Their commitment to truth and to serve their customers rings hollow and simply doesn'tsound sincere.

6.      President Donald J. Trump, whether by impeachment, resignation, or an election, may he go away forever and soon.  I can’t listen to him speak.  Every word, utterance and tweet that he types or talks makes me want to set my hair on fire.

7.      Gun nuts who won’t compromise on real reforms, from banning military-style weapons to comprehensive background checks to confiscating guns of the mentally imbalanced.

8.      PC progressives who killed free speech on campus and want to neuter our language to the point we don’t have words to actually describe what we mean and feel.

9.      Both political parties.  They are fully corrupt machines of egomaniacs who sell the nation out to keep themselves in power.  Blow it all up and start over.

10.  The Electoral College.  Get rid of it.  Majority rules, plain and simple.  One person, one vote.  We are all Americans, regardless of the state we live in.  We don’t need middle-man delegates to cast a vote that corresponds to voters (assuming they feel inclined to do so).

11.  Cable News.  One is worse than the other, primarily because they don’t cover news – they shade it and seek to interpret it or push an agenda.  They just share opinions.  Useless.  Give me news – and cover something other than the sport of politics, please.

12.  Motorcyclists.  They rarely observe the law.  Forget about crazy speeding.  They weave in and out of lanes – no signals – and they ride in between lanes at high speeds.  They are noisy too.  Not a fan.

13.  Cities that allow the homeless to take over and leave streets in fear, a nasty stench, and a decayed look need to stop letting the inmates run the asylum.  It’s not a crime to be homeless but they need help.  Send in therapists, doctors, food pantries, and resources to keep them clean and safe – but do not let them take ownership of the city.

14.  Noisy tech users who fail to silence their stupid phone. Stop making loud calls in closed public areas. Watch your videos with headphones.  I don’t want to hear your shit – and you don’t need to hear mine.

15.  Amazon.  I know they sell you everything you can dream of, at a discount, with same-day delivery, but they are putting everyone out of business with predatory pricing, a robot labor force, and a raping of tax credit dollars from cities desperately catering to them.

16.  Car dealers of any location, brand, or model.  They just don’t approach the customer with honesty and seek to throw in BS charges and product claims that don’t hold up.

17.  Death.  It might be welcome someday, when everyone around me is gone and my body or mind is giving out, but right now, I hate death.  But I’m at the age where parents die and childhood movie or athlete stars are dropping dead.  Sigh.  When did I start recognizing so many people in the obituaries?

18.  Walking into a public bathroom stall where the last pig did not flush -- or left the seat wet.  Sometimes the scene looks like a murder took place.  The stench of baboon usually goes hand in hand with such a sight.

19.  Entitled, whiny Millennials and self-absorbed Generation Z’ers. Not all of them are bad. Two of them are my kids.  But how did two generations get raised to think everything before them is wrong while not feeling able to fix anything? 

20.  Ubers that fail to show up especially when you are heading to an airport or on a time-sensitive mission.  They are killing cabs and still losing money.  I hope they go under.

Geeze, this didn’t take long to fill up a list of 20 random pet peeves.  You probably have your own list and no doubt we could jack this up to 100 in no time.  Then again, there are beautiful places, great people, amazing animals, and wonderful things to treasure in life, including books.  Life is not all bad, but it was cathartic to pen this list. Thanks for listening.

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