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How Will Authors Become Better Book Marketers?

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Authors learn about book marketing by researching, consulting the pros, and doing.  Trial by error is the most common approach.

But if you can take some pro-active steps, I would suggest that you:

·         See what the media is actually covering and find ways to package your message in an appealing fashion.

·         Know your direct competition and see why they may be viewed as better – then work hard to counter such assumptions.

·         Learn a little about a lot – look at media that covers topics, events and people that have nothing to do with books or your area of expertise.  You may get some ideas of how to pitch yourself.

·         Observe other industries and how they market people, products, or events. Can you take some of those principles and apply it to yourself?

Authors who work at promoting themselves will ultimately succeed.  It’s a numbers game.  The more you do, the better chance you have.  However, that’s predicated on your doing the right things and doing them well.  If you pour your time into something that’s not useful – or into something relevant but in an ineffective way – you will not go far.

Another way authors become better book promoters is to hire others to help them.  A professional can consult with you or execute areas of your marketing, social media, publicity, speaking, or advertising so that you can focus on other areas.  Their success can give you a boost – or a head start – and help you get to the next level.

Authors will be better at book marketing once they realize:

·         Each and every day something needs to be done – marketing is not a part-time affair.

·         They need to act big, not just dream big - they must actually do stuff, not just make lists and think about them.

·         When they collaborate with other authors they’ll grow.

·         All media has value and that nothing’s too small for them to do.

·         They have to plan many months in advance when it comes to planning road tours, speaking engagements, contacting major book reviewers, and seeking coverage in leading magazines.

·         They need to localize a message to local media and once they secure local coverage, they can share that with national media.

·         Just because they may not consume certain media, it doesn’t mean the media is not worth doing (i.e. – don’t dismiss radio, blogs, or men’s magazines just because you personally don’t read or listen to them).

·         Great PR comes with grit, luck, creativity, timeliness, and because you actually have something worthwhile to share and because you are qualified or perfectly positioned to share it.

Being good at promoting a book is an art that takes time to be practiced.  The pay-off is worth it.  But for many, writers should write, and book promoters should promote.

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