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Authors, Does Your Attitude Suck?

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Do you have a shitty attitude?

I know you first reaction is either:

Of course not!  How could you ask me such a thing?


So what if I do?

No one will admit their attitude sucks.  Some may not even realize it, but they are negative, nasty, lazy, or ignorant in the way they approach not just life, but their book marketing.

It’s no mystery that a good attitude with less talent can go much further than a very talented person who is pessimistic, insecure, or difficult to deal with.  We see it time and again with colleagues, business partners, family members, and those we interact with.  We are drawn to people who are pleasant to deal with, who smile and laugh, who sound optimistic and confident, and who seem driven and purposeful.

If you have a shitty attitude, listen up.  It won’t get you as far as you want to go.  It’s not too late.  Step back and realize you sometimes get in your own way, rub people the wrong way, and instill a feeling of frustration or dread when others deal with you.  Park that lousy attitude, now!

I have promoted my share of people who have a sucky attitude.  They will:

·         Be lazy in their ways.
·         Act as if they are better than what they are doing.
·         Wonder why they aren’t best-sellers while doing little to help their cause.
·         Question what everyone around them does, but not themselves.
·         Yell, demand, huff and puff like a dragon waiting to be fed, ignoring the need to be nicer, helpful and approachable.
·         Assume those that they hire will do everything for them instead of seeing how to collaborate and combine forces synergistically.
·         Behave in an unstable way and display erratic behavior.
·         Let their mood or personal life get in the way of their book publicity.

If current or former clients of mine recognize themselves, take this advice for what it’s worth, but chances are you’ll ignore or dismiss it.  Why?  Because that’s what people with shitty attitudes do.  They play the blame game and act like they can do no wrong.

A positive, friendly, caring attitude will take you far in life.  Some people get taken advantage of if they are “too nice” but I’m not suggesting you be a bathmat for someone.  You can be nice – and strong – at the same time.  You can be giving, but also get what you want.  You can smile, exchange pleasantries, and show you care but not get sucked into someone’s drama.  It’s possible to be good, do good and do well. Good attitudes are contagious.  Please, spread a good attitude -- and avoid a crappy attitude like the flu!

“My point to young writers is to socialize.  Don’t just go up to a pine cabin all alone and brood.  You reach that stage soon enough anyway.”
--Truman Capote

“The appearance of a new book is an indication that another man has found a mission, has entered upon the performance of a hefty duty, activated by the noblest impulses that can spur the soul of man to action.  It is the proudest boast of the profession of literature, that no man ever published a book for selfish purposes or with ignoble aim.  Books have been published for the consolation of the distressed; for the guidance of the wandering; for the relief of the destitute; for the hope of the penitent; for uplifting the burdened soul above its sorrows and fears; for the general amelioration of the condition of all mankind; for the right against wrong; for the good against bad; for the truth. “
--Robert J. Burdette, preface to The Rise and Fall of the Moustache (1877)

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