Sunday, December 6, 2020

How Authors Can Start 2021 Off Right!


Every year we reach this date and we reflect back on our past year’s accomplishments and failures. Whether for our personal or professional life, we welcome a chance for renewal and renewed commitment.

We re-evaluate our goals and set new ones, while taking an honest assessment of how our efforts stacked up against the desired result we sought to achieve.

We turn from a very challenging 2020, where the pandemic and election challenged our physical, mental, financial, and political health, and gaze our eyes toward a better, brighter, and more rewarding 2021.

So how can you make next year better than this year, maybe even your best year ever?

It all depends on your frame of mind, energy, and ability to change, expand, and experiment. Ready to challenge yourself? Can you remain self-disciplined? Do you want to reach beyond what lies beyond your arms’ touch or field of view?

Here is my proven 12-step process to position you for a more productive, prosperous, and fulfilling year as a writer:

Overview — Simple step: Assess what needs to be done, not just for the year but in a given day. What small steps need to be taken each day to build towards your goals?

Organize — Have a system of organization, You especially need a calendar, control of your email in-box, your social media, and your files and notes — whether on paper or your device.

Timeline — Map out things so you actually allocate a time in the day to handle tasks, create, relax, and enjoy your time.

Write — This may be your favorite step. Write. Write some more. And again. Commit to writing, researching, and editing more.

— You can’t just write. You must market as well. Commit to a marketing plan . Do what you can; outsource what you can afford.

— do your research. Read more books and trade publications. Attend writers conferences. Learn how to better use social media. Explore new publishing options.

Get Help — Ask friends, family, and colleagues for ideas, resources, introductions, money, or just a hug. Consider hiring consultants to advise you, or professionals to handle things you can’t or won’t do.

— Whether through digital or in-person means, network all of the time. Increase your number of connections. Seek out a higher quality connection. Engage them more and lean on your network to get you what you need or want, Join more groups and consider taking a leadership position.

Blocks — What is nagging at you? Identify your real obstacles and start dealing with them one by one. These things build up and bully us. Unshackle yourself and emancipate from the burdens you allow to take control of you.

Rewards — Work hard and play hard. Make sure you reward yourself and honor your accomplishments incrementally.

Goals — What big-picture goals do I really want to accomplish. You don’t just have short-term goals or new ones for the year. You have a bigger plan that drives you, a long-term mission that motivates you to act today. Identify your purpose and stay focused and dedicated to it.

Review — Audit what you do and discover the right metrics by which to measure progress or declare victory.

Make this a better year. A great year. Your best ever!

Why not? It is up to you.

Learn, Grow, Succeed!!

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