Monday, December 14, 2020

Who Is A Promotable Author?


Authors write books because they feel they need to tell their story, share their experiences, or offer advice. They hope to inform, enlighten, inspire — maybe even entertain — with their creative expressing of words of wit and wisdom. They believe their lives, ideas, and writings matter. But are their books promotable?

Many authors love to write but want to run from the marketing of their books. Even those with a huge ego may not be jazzed over the prospect of spending time, money, and mindshare to push their brand, hawk books, and seek the media spotlight. Still, promote they must.

So, if authors understand they must promote their books, they must begin to see that the process begins with writing a promotable book. Then one must actively promote their book and sell their brand to those they need to impress, such as the news media, social media, book retailers, and potential readers.

To write a promotable book means an author would need to write on a subject that others have not picked to death but that has a big enough base of potential readers. It is what you write about, not just how you write about it, that matters. And if who writes the book is noteworthy, then that may be the biggest factor of all. Notice the concept of purely writing a great book doesn’t rank in the top three factors to marketing a book. Size of possible readership, what you write about, and who writes it are the three largest factors that determine one’s marketability.

Another factor in determining who is promotable? You.

Do you believe in PR — and that you can promote your book. 

Will you dedicate resources to promotions? 

Will you learn how to market your book effectively? 

Attitude, skills, and time play big roles in determining an author’s marketability. 

There are many ways to market a book — speaking, social media, advertising, traditional media — but the marketable author determines which area or combination of areas works best with his or her skill set, needs, resources, and book. There is no one-size-fits-all formula that an author has to follow to be successful.  

Having an interesting or unique persona can go a long way to being promotable. The book is one thing, but who the author is and how he or she projects an image will potentially get attention. Being quiet, reserved, or ordinary won’t cut it. But you also don’t have to be over-the-top flamboyant to get attention. Just speak with confidence and conviction, as if on a mission.  

The promotable author believes he or she is promotable, that the world needs his or her book, and that only he or she is uniquely positioned to write such a book. It is perception over reality and style over substance that will make an author promotable. 


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