Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Can A Writer Get Discovered Like Ferris?



Ferris, named after the movie character Ferris Bueller, trotted off a giant truck that had just landed in a Wal-Mart parking lot some 45 minutes from my house. The then four-year-old black lab sprinted through the rain, exhausted from a 24-hour trek from Oklahoma. He came right up to us and then climbed up into our Buick Enclave SUV.


It was love at first sight.


He was rescued and was ours to hug, nuzzle, spoil, and confess our secrets to.


Ferris immediately filled a void of heartbreak, having lost our 95-pound bulldog months earlier.


He now celebrated his one-year anniversary with us this past week, on May 23rd. A dog with no history or seemingly any faults, he just immersed himself into our lives. A family of four gives him attention, snacks, and walks. He only knows covid to be the norm, with everyone home around the clock.


He’s not like most dogs that I’ve had.


For one, he is so polite. He never jumps up for food at the table and he rarely barks. He is well-mannered and just enjoys rolling over for a big, belly rub. We took a 78-pounder and fattened him up to 95 pounds.


He enjoys big walks, tail wagging constantly. His disposition is like that of a horse, readying himself for a big race.


Ferris was adopted. We saved him – and he saved us. He is my sixth permanent dog. There was Brandy the basset hound, whom I didn’t get until I was 27. Then there was Buzz, and Lulu, two crazy pugs. Daisy, the English bulldog was next. Then Jackson the American bulldog. (We also fostered two dogs, each for a few weeks apiece, Peanut and Minnie). It seems like they have never left me, always by my side. And now Ferris is there, every step of the way.


You never forget a pet, especially a dog.


Ferris reminds me that we’re not alone in this world. We help one another and take care of each other. It is our simple exchange of friendship and love that encourages me to give him more attention – and treats.


I don’t have a book marketing message here, other than when one has love and support, certainly from humans, but also from animals he or she feels blessed. We can write anything and market anything knowing we have this happy, innocent creature by our side, waiting for us to need him and him to need us.


Writers can get adopted – or discovered – like Ferris. They just need a matchmaker or advocate. We found Ferris listed online with a lab rescue organization. One cute photo and description is all that we needed to know he was the one for us. We adopted him over the phone, paid $500, and took ownership without really knowing what we were getting ourselves into.


Writers can market themselves in a similar fashion.


People buy books that are recommended by a friend or a trusted source/reviewer. They also buy if they like the cover, the back cover, description, or they feel like the content speaks to them.


Writers should be all over social media, posting all over the place as if they were trying to get adopted. Smile – and say something cute, provocative, informative, or crazy – and someone will take possession of your book.


Bark it up for your book!



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