Tuesday, May 4, 2021

What’s The Secret To Book Marketing?

Listen up. If you want to know the secret to successfully marketing your book, embrace these five proven principles. Breathe them in. Absorb them into your body. They need to be a part of you. 

Your book marketing soul simply needs to:

1. Just Ask. Often. For Anything And Everything.

This is the most important step: Ask for what you want. Otherwise, how would you get it? Every step of the way, ask people for favors, discounts, freebies, advice, resources, introductions, and help of any kind. Ask for the sale. 

For example, seek out:

*Referrals of book buyers or clients
*Testimonials for your work
*Repeat business
*A guest post opportunity
*An interview opportunity
*A book review
*A chance to speak before a group

If people refuse your ask, so what? Nothing is lost. In fact, with every NO, you are getting closer, as a matter of the law of averages, to a YES, so even a NO is helpful to you.

2. Be Opportunistic. Always. Everywhere.

Make your own opportunity — don’t wait for it to appear.

Have an assertive mindset and don’t put it to sleep outside of work hours or the office environment. Opportunity is everywhere — on line at Starbucks, at a PTA meeting, in church, on social media, at a sporting event, with your mom, while on vacation, etc.

Recognize a moment to act — and do it.

Always believe there is a chance you can make something happen. Assume you can do it. 

Project success — and ignore pitfalls, shortcomings, or negativity.

Be creative, assertive, positive, and generous.

Use a third party for a triangle trade to get what you want.

Be willing to take multiple steps to get the desired results.

3. Follow-Up. Again. And Again.

Persistence always wins out.

Be front of mind.

Remind people you exist.

Nudge people.

Get others to clearly be aware of your offer.

Never expect anyone to think about or for you — unless you force them to.

4. See A “No” As A Delayed “Yes.”

When someone says no to a question or offer, it means nothing. Just try again. Tweak the offer or overhaul it. Maybe you simply need to make a better offer, one that fulfills their needs, desires, or goals. 

Be persistent. 


Because people don’t always turn you down on the merits. It could just be they didn’t fully hear or appreciate your offer. They misunderstood you. Or you undersold it. Or for that very moment, they were not focused, and were perhaps rushed, stressed, or preoccupied — and thus they didn’t give you an open heart or an uncluttered mind. 

It often takes multiple queries or interactions to get what you want.

As time goes by, eventually the same person who declined your offer earlier will now recognize they can use what you are offering.

Today’s NO is tomorrow’s YES!

5. Do Favors

Whether solicited of you — or if you decide to voluntarily help another — you can curry favors by dishing them out. Pay it forward and bank good karma or help that you can cash in later. Give of your time, contacts, ideas, referrals, and emotional support. Donate to a cause, loan someone money, or give a present for no reason at all. 

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