Sunday, April 11, 2021

Why Authors Must Give It Away To Sell Books


What will you give away in order to make a book sale?  

Every author needs to answer this question if they hope to be successful.  

Now, you may fancy yourself a high-end brand, too good to have to resort to bribing people. Think again.  

Authors need a give-away on their website – to draw people to it, to capture email addresses, and to provide a risk-free introduction to your brand.

Everyone has something to give away. Authors can easily give away anything with perceived value, including:  

·         an e-book

·         a webinar

·         access to an event

·         a resource guide

·         photos or videos

·         sneak previews

·         an app

·         tips, advice, strategies

·         a white paper

·         a limited trial access to content  

Give-aways can also be used in conjunction with a book purchase offer. “If you buy my book, you’ll get this free gift.”

Book marketing is not just about targeting potential customers and offering a decent book at a fair price. It is about selling books, even giving things away so that you can build a list of followers online and an email list that can be used to sell future books and other services and products. Capturing a name (email/twitter handle/blog subscriber) is almost as important as selling a book.

Authors must create lead generators. Provide something free and attach your brand to it. Provide enormous value for your potential customer. Perception is king. Establish who you are, show why you are an expert, and say the things that establish you as an authority.

Next, create a system that generates referrals. Ask people to recommend you. Have them post about you on social media. Encourage them to post a book review. Give your customer a reason to spread the word. Share more free gifts with them, as a thank you. Offer an incentive, even a reward, to get others to share your information with others.

If you can’t think of something to give away for free digitally, you should not publish books. You simply won’t succeed. Sorry, but it is true. Use your creative mind and salesman mindset to find something to give away. Free leads to sales. Success comes to those who embrace giving something away.

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