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Why Authors Must Beg, Trade or Demand Social Media Connections

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Growing up in 1970s and 80s Brooklyn taught me that you don’t get anything unless you ask for it. Heck, you don’t get anything without demanding it. And sometimes you simply must initiate action and take it. Seize the moment!

Well, authors must apply this approach to social media. Get assertive. No, get aggressive. Ask for, demand, and seize more online followers, friends, or connections.

Waiting for the handsome boy to come ask you to dance won’t work. Make eye contact and invite him with your smile. If that won’t do it, “accidentally” bump into him. Still nothing? Saunter over and simply introduce yourself. And if he won’t take the bait, move on to your next best choice. 

Okay, so all of that bravado sounds good, but how does the average author overcome their fears, inadequacies, and misconceptions about seeking more connections on social media?

Go see a therapist and find someone to tell you the sit-on-the-sidelines approach is a fail. Passivity, shyness, and silence won’t get you far in life or with social media. Or skip the shrink and just agree with me.

Next, learn some of the tricks of the trade so you understand how to get more connections. Then execute. Go on the offensive. Have a game plan. Dedicate time on a daily basis to this. Act with a sense of urgency. Be motivated. View your situation as desperate, because it is, and find a way to push or pull your way to your goals.

That is the pep talk. Get psyched up, not psyched out. 

Move forward, one click at a time. I want you to get carpel tunnel syndrome from trying so hard and so often. If your wrist or finger joint doesn’t hurt, you didn’t do enough!

So what is the strategy here?

Search for people you want to connect with. Reach out to a lot of them. Right up front ask for a connection. Tell them why, saying you like what that person does or says and showing how you identify with them.

Beg them. Play on their empathy. Show support for them. Offer something helpful or useful — connection bait — and share some helpful advice or present a sincere offer to assist them. I don’t care what you say, just speak up, seduce them, and move on.

Don’t worry if they ignore or dismiss you. It is a numbers game. The more you ask, the more no’s you get — and the more yesses. The only score kept here is the number of connections and not how many people snubbed you. Date as many people as you want. All that matters is that you find the one that is right for you.

Ok, if you like what I said and want to say thank you — and if you want to receive other ideas or words of support — follow me on twitter @theprexpert. Take that step now. Show me you can click your way to getting where you need to be. I dare you!

Did I stutter? Put your latte mocha frappa whopper down. Use both opposing thumbs and get to twitter. Find @theprexpert. Click on follow. If you already follow me, thank you, but I am not done with you. You are my conduit to others. Ask someone else that you know to follow me on twitter. Hey, this is a cult. I command you!

That is how it is done. Pop psychology and humor can go a long way. 

Otherwise we resort to using guilt. “Hey, I have been offering free advice for a decade. You owe me. Please help. I need you!”

Get the idea? Work it and grow your connections. Eventually your connections will spread the word-of-mouth not just about your social media posts, but about your book. You will eventually monetize your posts and commoditize your connections, but that is for another post. attention. Follow me on twitter @theprexpert. Then ask others to follow me. Let me say thank you in advance. Much appreciated. Every follower counts towards me reaching my dream. Don’t be a dream killer. Save the world — okay, my world — and follow me @theprexpert on twitter.

Thank you. 

But if you don’t follow me and encourage others to do so, let me know so I can send you a chain letter and prank phone call you.

Good luck!

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