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How You Can Market Books Like Mad Men


If you loved the Emmy-winning television series, Mad Men, and want to learn how to market your book – check out Seducing Strangers: How to get People To Buy What You’re Selling, by Josh Weltmon, a co-producer of the hit show. He also is an advertising creative director who promoted BMW, Kia Motors, Doritos, Whole foods Market, and other big brands.

He says the key to advertising success comes down to finding the ideal relationship of facts to feelings in any ad. How much do people need to feel vs. know?

Further, he says ads need to create curiosity, to ask more than say, to pose an idea but not a definitive answer. 

He says the following: 


“The job of a persuader is to make promises that motivate, sell, and seduce. These promises are kept by the actions, products, or services of others.” 


“Reputations are built one successfully fulfilled promise at a time.” 

Features Vs. Benefits

“When crafting your message, ask yourself if you’re merely selling your product’s features instead of seducing your audience by talking about the benefits that interest them most.”


“You need to get emotional. That’s where seduction comes in. Seduction takes both sensitivity and insight. Seduction is about listening to customers and understanding their feelings, wants, needs, and motives. It’s understanding what people desperately want to hear about themselves and telling them just that…. Show how the idea will rock their world.”

Go Viral

“What goes viral is something that changes, redefines, or expands some group’s idea about what’s possible… Cool, funny, cute and painful doesn’t do it. When creating messages that you would like to go viral--or get passed around free of charge on a network owned and operated by other people-- try asking a member of your intended audience if the story or video or ad changes their notion of what’s possible. If what you’ve got is more death-defying, faster, more profound, cooler, funnier, cuter, more painful, or weirder than someone thinks or thought possible, your message is on its way. If it’s not, it’s not going anywhere.”

Buy Now!

“The next generation of online advertising will be less about companies letting you know what’s on sale and more about making you aware of opportunity slipping away.”


“As strange as it seems, the best way to get people to try, sample, or buy is to somehow limit their ability to do so. Urgency is also created when people feel they need to act before an opportunity gets away. A good price is important, but it’s even more effective when it’s on the other side of a window of opportunity that will close soon.” 

Now go sell your book like Mad Men! 


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