Monday, May 3, 2021

Please Connect With Me On LinkedIn So I Can Dump You


I am thinking of sending a note to some of my inactive LinkedIn connections now that I hit the social media platform’s ceiling of connections allowed:

“Please note, dear Linked In connection, that it’s not you, it’s me. Well, actually, it is LinkedIn. We are breaking up because LinkedIn says I am limited to having only 30,000 connections, and since I haven’t heard much from you, I need to toss you back to the sea so I can reel in new fish.

“Will we reconnect elsewhere?
Will you come back as I dump another to fit you in?
Will Linked In raise its 30,000 connection limit, maybe do away with it completely?”

Whereas Twitter users can have an unlimited number of connections, and some claim to have over 50 million followers (which is likely padded with paid-for bot-filled bullshit), LinkedIn, with its infinite wisdom, arbitrarily adopted a limitation and settled on this number of 30,000.

Most authors have trouble acquiring a few hundred or a few thousand social media connections, so they may laugh at my problem or look at me strangely. But if one successfully utilizes social media to grow their brand, no one wants to be told they have to cannibalize their existing connections in order to get new ones. It makes no sense.

Do we cap how many books you can write? Or how many copies you can sell?
Or how many people you can email and be friends with?


LinkedIn is anti-social, anti-capitalist, and just a big meany when it comes to the 30,000 ceiling — but I admit, it is the best social media platform out there. It is perfect for professionals, leaders, CEOs, policy makers, and of course, authors.

It lacks the bullying, political vitriol of Twitter, the friend-family jealousy drama of Facebook, and the self-absorbed Instagram influencers who merely post pictures of their tight asses and earn 100,000 clicks.

Social media still alternates between being a time-sucking wasteland, void of little redeeming value, and a Wild West goldmine for the socially opportunistic. Like anything else, it is a tool, to be used correctly and creatively — or stupidly. I just wish LinkedIn would allow those who have mastered it to continue growing their connections.

So, if you get dropped off my list of connections, my apologies. It is just all a part of the social media games we all have to play. You can always stay connected to me on Twitter, @theprexpert, where you can have as many connections as you want.

Break-ups are never pleasant. Let’s try to remain friends, albeit, on another platform.


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