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How Authors Create Markets For Their Books



Writers are dreamers, creators, reformers, and visionaries by nature. They don’t accept the status quo and often long for the past, a brighter future, or a whole new world. Can they transfer their imagination that is used to write, and apply it to marketing their books?


Writers need the right ratio of writing-to-marketing. They can’t just write and not market. And if they market all of the time, they have no time to write.


What to do?


·         Always be thinking… and always be taking action.

·         Dream some … but be realistic in your deeds.

·         Explore going big .. but tackle the nuts and bolts first.


Progress is often incremental, but the key to book marketing is to be doing it rather than worrying about or planning it.


Some authors expect something to happen – or think that it should – but do little to actually make it happen. Your book does not accidentally make it onto a best-seller list. You need to intentionally do things to position your book for success.


Don’t just hope – act. Don’t just have an idea – execute and implement it. Don’t just whine or feel sorry for yourself. The odds are not in your favor. Know it. Believe it. Now see what can be done to overcome them. If you do nothing, the odds are 100% that you fail.


People will only buy books after exhausting lower-priced, more convenient and proven options. It is hard to compete with free, discounts, or piracy. You need to go out there and tell people you exist, that you offer something of value, that your book will do something for them. People need to discover you. Whether it is a great book or not won’t matter when no one has heard of it.


Authors must create a market for their books. The demand is always there. People want certain books, need certain books, and will try certain books. Many readers are seekers. You are selling something that can help fulfill their journey. Time to make a match.


Authors need to create their market by:

·         Shouting through every open window – social media, speaking, news media, advertising, book awards, bulk sales, discounts, offers of gifts, and networking.


·         Clearly identify what they offer and answer why one should buy from them over another. Get that elevator speech polished.


·         Being on the offensive and taking an opportunistic mindset to book marketing.

·         Branding themselves in a way that people need to see or want to hear. Your brand is everything, from what you say and how you look and sound, to your website, your email signature, and all of the little touches that give a picture of what you stand for.


Authors, you don’t need to wait for a market to develop. You can open the door to any opportunity that you seek to pursue.



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