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Happy Father’s Day To Every Dad Who Tries His Best



Happy Father’s Day to all of the men who have raised a child.

There are all kinds of dads out there, some who are terrific and some who never should have had kids. But most guys do their best and seek to raise a healthy, happy, and successful child. All men have the burden of improving upon how they were raised.

Being a dad is more than signing adoption papers, marrying into fatherhood, or inseminating a woman with your sperm. It is about being there for your child, now and always, providing not just shelter, food, healthcare, and clothes — but also love, friendship, a nurturing environment, a sense of security, a welcoming receptacle for questions, answers to requests for advice and support, and being a role model. Parents instill a moral compass that lasts a lifetime.

Let’s hear it for the minority of dads that:

*Didn’t knock a woman up and then run away.
*Stayed and remained physically and mentally available.
*Showed their kids a way to be better than them.
*Didn’t abuse their kid— mentally, physically, sexually.
*Avoided having harmful addictions.
*Showered a child with love and the resources to succeed.

Maybe even when a father-child relationship goes sour or starts on the wrong foot, there still could be time to salvage that connection. Therapy and the willingness of a dad and child to bond could shape their future.

Being a good dad is not something to take for granted. We learn as we grow. Mistakes will be made. Children may need to be forgiving of their fathers, and as they grow to be fathers they can begin to honor what their dads did for them.

People are having their first child at an older age, on average, and are having fewer children than past generations. Dads today are raising their kids alongside social media, technology, streaming content, and lots of stimuli. The world today is different than the one I was raised in 40 or 50 years ago. God, I sound old writing that statement.

I am proud to be raising two good-natured, loving, witty, smart kids. My teen-aged daughter shares in my love of books and my son reflects my entrepreneurial spirit. Both care about the world we live in. My job is not done, but they make me happy.

I wish my dad was around to celebrate Father’s Day. He has been dead for five years but his voice is never far from me. I hear him often. The memories are there and his guiding principles are being lived out on a daily basis.

My dad did his best to be his best. He suffered from Bipolar Disorder. In any given day he was anxious, reclusive, and fear-filled. Every few years he would suffer a breakdown that required treatment. In some ways, his inability to lead made me more self-sufficient and responsible at a younger age than my peers.

He also made me laugh and was there for me many times. He inspired me to be a writer, an advocate for the disenfranchised, to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, and to see things with a bit of sarcasm and philosophy. He also burdened me with rooting for the Mets. He was always there for me and never let many days go by without telling me he loved me.

I enjoy being a dad every single day. Thank you, Ben and Olivia, for giving me this opportunity. And thank you to my wife, Laura, for sharing in the journey of parenthood.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the men who have made the greatest sacrifice and experienced the greatest reward. Men, your commitment to your children is one that will shape a lifetime and impact many lives. There is a lot riding on you getting it right but know that you and your child are resilient enough to weather any shortcomings or missteps.


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