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Must Authors Be Perfect To Succeed?


An author I am working with told me she had started to write literally hundreds of blog posts over the years – but she failed to finish them because she didn’t feel they were perfect. Holding herself to an impossible, if not undefinable standard, will forever hold her back. 

So, what is the solution? 

·         Lower your standards. Don’t put crap out, but don’t expect to pen Shakespeare every time.

·         Go with what you got, meet deadlines, but always strive to improve.

·         Do not fail because you could not get started. That’s just giving up.

·         Examine why you feel you need to be perfect when the world is far from being so. Realize this: perfection is fleeting, rare, and hard to reach or sustain. Unburden yourself. 

Authors marketing their books need therapy, or someone like me to inform them of what and how to do something – and to cheer, inspire, and motivate them. Marketing is as much a mindset as it is a skill set. I would estimate that successful book marketing comes down to 35% abilities and resources, 15% connections, and 50% psychology, initiative, and follow-up. 

There is little advantage to pursuing perfection. You will fall short often, while losing time and missing opportunities. Showing up is just as important as anything, but if you are squired away trying to plan, research, test, write, and do the ideal, optimal thing, you will be displaced, fall behind, and lose a chance to get to there where connection are made, sales occur, and branding   grows. 

Good enough really is good enough most of the time. Pick your spots when you know that you need a great effort and result, where you really give it that extra effort to achieve at a high level. Otherwise, just be willing to put out content, such as blog posts that are decent and good. Take some risks and don’t get delayed or overwhelmed. Keep moving the ball down the field, positioning yourself for a score. 

Quality, sure. Quantity, always. It’s a blend of the two. Get something done in a set period of time and then move on to the next thing. This is not a license to be sloppy, complacent, or lazy. You still need to check your facts, spell-check, edit properly, and provide something of value. But you won’t let self-doubt, insecurities, or unrealistic standards handcuff you. Keep things in context – and prioritize. 

Be in to win it. No blog post means no chance of success. A media post, if pushed on social media enough, could allow you to get clicks, connections, and traffic back to your site. That’s your retail outlet, the place people come to buy your book. The goal is to get traffic to your site, not to win a Pulitzer for the content of your blog post. 

There is no have to, should, or must. No law forces you to be perfect. There is no gun to your head. You define the standard and pace to achieve – and no one else can tell you otherwise. Note to self: Get it done. Today. Repeat and rinse. Ah, success! 


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