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18 Ways Authors Persuade Others To Buy A Book


Having the power to persuade others is a strong asset for anyone, especially the writer who must persuade publishers to publish them, literary agents to represent them, consumers to buy their book, and the media to give coverage and exposure to their book. The secrets to convincing others can be found in a book, Persuasion: Convincing Others When Facts Don't Seem To Matter by Lee Hartley Carter.  

Here are 18 tips and strategies to persuade others:  

  1. Understand that facts are secondary to beliefs, values, and perceptions. You may have a great book but others need to see it as such. How you explain or show that, based on their expectations, biases, experiences, and opinions, is what will convince them your book is great.  
  1. We all suffer from confirmation bias, seeking out information that confirms our opinions. We end up ignoring or minimizing data that conflicts with our preferred view of the world.  
  1. How you tell your story is just as important as having that good story to tell.  
  1. Ask others to be honest and open before making a decision. They must have a mindset that's permissive of taking in new data or ways of seeing things -- otherwise they will not be capable of hearing you.  
  1. Be authentic and show your openness to feedback, a challenge, or question.  
  1. Persuasion starts with empathy. Can you convey the values, behaviors, and emotions to indicate empathy.  
  1. Appeal to one’s values. How do they see the world? What grounds them or acts as their foundational beliefs? Do they cherish certain principles -- fairness, charity, liberty, respect, etc? Appeal to them based on such principles.  
  1. Find out which obstacles or opposition stands in the way of one being persuaded.  
  1. Do you offer something that is plausible, positive, personal and plainspoken? Are the benefits clear?  
  1. Appeal to all senses, especially making your claim visually.  
  1. Set goals for what you want from another -- otherwise you don't know what to ask for. Define what is a win.  
  1. Appeal to the needs, interests, and desires of others. Understand their frame of mind, experience, emotional state and values.  
  1. You convince others with a well-stated point, backed up by facts, statistics, polls, or third-party validations. Tell a story to demonstrate your point. Tell them of your qualifying credentials and experience. Show testimonials from others for what you do.  
  1. Make a point or introduce an idea or concept with the expectation one will challenge or dispute you. Have your counter-argument at the ready.  
  1. Get people to agree on smaller points or things unrelated to your book. Get them in a “yes” frame of mind. Show them you can relate to one another and identify the things you have in common.  
  1. Tie your message into something in the news, that’s trending, or being talked about. Current events help people see relevance in your offering.  
  1.  Speak with passion, enthusiasm, and conviction. Show how you strongly believe in your book. Having pride in your book helps you champion your baby.  
  1. Ask the questions that you anticipate will yield the answers that help you make the sale. You will feed off of their responses and give them back a dose of themselves -- and you'll show the book’s relevance to their world.  

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