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10 Traits Of Great Authors


What makes a writer successful at his or her craft? What helps them sell books and influence others?  What makes him or her a success?

 Below are 10 traits of great authors:


  1. Visualize

Get an image or a scene in your mind of how something will play out in your favor.  Envision writing or convincing someone to buy your book or one of your social media posts going viral.  

2.      Plan and Be Flexible

Always plan ahead but be prepared to alter it.  You always need a roadmap to get you to where you want to go. Be as detailed and dead-lined as possible.


3.                  Work Longer

Yes, be savvy, assertive, and creative. Outsource and get others to do more for you. But you still need to put in more hours at a high level to break through and achieve greatness.


4.                  Imagine What Could Be

Do not just like how things are or believe they must stay this way. Don’t reflect on the past and wish for those times to change. Instead, look to the future with optimism and possibility over probability. Say: what if and pursue that line of thinking all the way through. Change your assumptions, knowledge, connections, and actions --- and you’ll get new results. 


5.                   Brainstorm Without Judgment  

Take in new ideas from all sources. Brainstorm with others or just yourself. Don’t edit any ideas on the spot.  Review and analyze later.


6.                  Anticipate Problems, Setbacks, Losses, Errors, Failures

You can be a positive person and still acknowledge the odds of reality: something can and eventually will go wrong. Be prepared. By thinking ahead, you can take steps now to try to insulate against setbacks or to be prepared in deed-- and thought -- to handle them when they arise. 

7.          Never Give Up On Yourself

Always believe in yourself -- and always put in the effort to improve yourself. You are not great because you simply believe it’s true.  You believe yourself and continue to make yourself  belief-worthy. 

8.                  Remain Open To New Ideas

Pure and simple, we make daily judgments, about people, ideas, etc. But keep evaluating these things and remain open to new ways of doing things. Times change --- and you should change with them. 

9.                  Be Realistic, But Optimistic

Be grounded in fact, but don’t stop reaching beyond your means, believing in yourself, and hoping for better results.  Choose to see the potential in someone or something. 


10.               Be Open To Opportunity

Have an opportunistic mindset, where everyone and everything offers potential for you to expand your writing career.


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