Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Can Authors Drive Their Success?



My 16-year-old son recently passed the road test on his first shot. A friend of his was not so fortunate. He had failed four tests before he stopped updating friends. To tease him, my son bought magnets to put on his friend’s car that read “Please Be Patient, Student Driver” and he put red cones around the car.

I decided to put one of his magnets on my car. My son laughed. I told him there was a good strategy here.

When people see the magnet, they instinctively don’t tailgate me and get away from my car. Sure, I swallow my pride in seeing people think I can’t drive, but what is more advantageous to me — my image or my safety?

Well, you too can drive your book marketing with such a label: Student Book Marketer. Give yourself a break. Allow yourself to fail. It is almost expected. By easing up on yourself, you will actually gain confidence and improve your abilities.

Take a lesson from my son’s friend. He gets right back in the car after each failure, hoping to pass it next time. He didn’t quit or whine. He just keeps at it.

Authors can drive their success. They just have to decide what message gets worn on their car as they journey towards book sales nirvana.

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