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Getting Others To Buy Or Sell Your Book


What can you ask another person that will help you sell your book?

1.      Ask them to buy it.


2.      See if they will sell it to others.


3.      Can they tell people whom they know about your book?


4.      Shall they post a review at Amazon or


5.      Can they post about it on all social media platforms?


6.      Could they give you ideas of how to market it? 


7.      Can they buy multiple copies and give it away as gifts to family and friends?


8.      Do they have access to mailing lists that they can share with you?


9.      Do they know anyone they can introduce you to who may be able to help you?


10.  Ask them to read it and give you honest feedback.


11.  Ask for a hug and some support.


12.  See if they can ask people they know the same questions you posed to them.


So, as you can see, there are at least 12 things you can ask of another to help you get books sold, maybe even in large quantities.


That’s the “what.” Now let’s look at the “who.” Whom shall you ask for help in buying or sell your book?

1.      Anyone, especially if they are your target reader or know how to reach people in that demographic.


2.      People who have bought similar books.


3.      Those who are willing to help you.


4.      People with lists of friends and family who have a decent social media following.


5.      Anyone who owes you a favor.


6.      Someone you can pay or have share in the profifts -- to incentivize them.


7.      Those who believe in you and/or your book.


8.      Anybody you can trade with so they’ll help you. 


Neat, the “when” is easy: Now. Tomorrow. Always. Often.


The “where” can be: Anywhere. The power of social media, zoom ,and websites allows you to be in contact anytime, anywhere, with anyone.


The “how” depends on a number of factors, including: 

1.      Using the Internet.


2.      Speaking in person.


3.      Talking by phone.


4.      Sending an email.


5.      Using a snail mail letter. 


6.      Communicating one-on-one or addressing a group. 


7.      Going to where the sales could be- bookstores, libraries, schools, non-profits, campuses, houses of worship, businesses, government agencies, conferences, events, fairs, etc. 


Lastly, you need to address the “why.” Why will someone buy your book or help you sell more books? 

1.      Financial: they can profit from it.


2.      Moral: they believe in your message and want to serve a purpose. 


3.      Chartable: they are in the helping mood. 


4.      Political: they support an agenda or movement. 


5.      Religious: they want to support a belief system. 


6.      Connected: helping someone they know, desire, or like.


7.      Mental Wellness: they will feel good as a result. 


8.      Emotion: they get revenge, relieve depression, find love, laugh, or feel something desirable.


9.      Obligated: they simply feel it’s the right or necessary thing to do – or they owe a favor.


10.  Fun/Entertainment: they want to escape, be happy, and be lost in something.


11.  Curiosity: they want to explore and feed their inquisitive mind.


So, there you have it: the who, what, when, where, why, and how of getting others to buy your book or feel implored to help you sell books or even sell books for you.


Sales, is a number game. Make enough asks of enough people -- and you will get sales. The more you do this, and the more often, the likelihood of success. 


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