Wednesday, September 19, 2012

90 Days To A Best-Seller

Is writing novels formulaic? It can be, but at the very least, one can create a process for writing a book and Alan Watt has come up with one.

His dual book series, The 90-Day Novel and The 90-Day Rewrite, covers a day-to-day procedure for outlining and writing the first draft of your novel and a three-month-long daily approach to rewriting your book while remaining true to your narrative voice.

Why should we listen to Alan? He founded LA Writers’ Lab a decade ago, lectures on the creative process, and has earned a number of awards, including France’s 2004 Prix Printemps, naming his book as the best foreign novel of the year. He wrote his first draft of the novel, Diamond dogs, in just under 90 days and six months later sold the North American rights to Little, Brown in a bidding war, netting a half-million dollars.

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