Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are You Practicing Fusion Marketing?

A new book, The Fusion Marketing Bible: Fuse to Maximize Your Marketing, written by Lon Safko, the best-selling author of The Social Media Bible, lays out how one can and should combine traditional media, social media, and digital media to successfully market a product or service.

His book shows how to analyze the cost of acquiring a customer, calculate alternate or supplemental methods to win customers, and how to integrate or fuse “social media and traditional media into a wide variety of specialized, cost-effective marketing outreach tactics to fit each of your target marketing segments.

Lon examines 18 segments of marketing that can combine, in some kind of ratio, to help you launch a marketing campaign with a solid return or investment. He explores the following areas:

1.      Print advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and trade journals
2.      Radio and TV ads
3.      Printed mailers: brochures, catalogs, postcards
4.      Direct mail letters
5.      Billboards
6.      Telemarketing
7.      Trade show exhibits
8.      Product packaging
9.      Telephone-based customer service
10.  Your guarantee or warranty offered
11.  Events to sponsor or participate in
12.  Specialty advertising, such as a free pen
13.  Business cards
14.  Door hangers
15.  Response cards
16.  Seminar presentation
17.  Coupons
18.  Marketing and PR campaigns

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