Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 Rock Exit & Celebrity Confessions Kill TV


The last day is January was also the final day for the seven-year run of the critically-acclaimed but barely-watched genius comedy known as 30 Rock.

The NBC spoof on Saturday Night Live and network television has never ranked higher than no. 69 most-watched TV shows, but it won an Emmy for “best comedy” for three years in a row.

Are critics elitist bozos or are viewers of TV’s wasteland so desensitized to quality, scripted shows that they lack the ability to appreciate a brainy series?

In any case, the time to say good-bye to Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan is upon us. Will some good pop show pop up to replace it or will room be made for one more unreal reality show?


Lance Armstrong got to confess his steroid deeds to Oprah. Manti Te’o admitted to lying while holding to his story of victimhood to Katie Couric. Now the alleged wrong-doer in the Manti hoax, with a name too long to type out, blabs to Dr. Phil on his misdeeds.  There are so many people who seem to want to come clean that a line is building up. Maybe this will launch a new reality show: I Screwed Up.

Why do tune in to these public train wrecks? And when will others come clean but their behavior – A-Rod? And what of others whom we don’t yet know have something confession-worthy?  Is anyone truly clean, honest, and as advertised/

Just yesterday Dan Marino, Hall of Fame quarterback and announcer for this Sunday’s Super Bowl admitted he is the baby dad to a girl of a woman not his wife. He had been viewed as a clean-cut, stand=up guy - -scandal-free. Not anymore.

Who is next to fall? The world is growing used to having fallen heroes. It seems part of the formula for herohood is to take a dive. Some come back, many do not. Time will tell as to who else needs forgiveness and understanding. Perhaps we should take up a scandal pool, much like those death pools that people have. Who will be next to confess to: cheating, addiction, steroids, crimes or something illegal, unethical or against the rules?

Check your local listings for the next episode of Confession TV.

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