Thursday, January 31, 2013

Make-Up On A Train Invites A Wreck

People dress up, put on make-up, and get their hair done because they want to look their best and project a healthy, sexy, strong, and appealing image. So why do so many women think putting makeup on in public is acceptable?

I find it is offensive, rude, and counter to their goals.

But every day on my commuter train, from Westchester to Manhattan, I see at least one woman poking at her face to engulf it with color, from their eyes and nose to their cheeks and lips. If they want to look good for others, why are they showing us their behind-the-scenes preparations? It is like a magician revealing his magic tricks or a politician telling us things he didn’t intend for us to hear. We know real people do real things to get ready for work, parties, and special events appearances, but none of us wants to see what really goes into creating the image they want us to see. This is why an image is created in the first place – to give us a fantasy or a persona that reaches beyond the ordinary, the plain, the normal. We just like to see the results – not the efforts that go into creating them.

Where do we draw the line? I have seen a few people clip their fingernails on the train. That is a low point. I have also seen homeless people drop their pants and take a poop on the street. That is even sadder. We know we cannot hide all of human behavior. Sick people will lie down on benches, drunk people will throw up in a bar, and crazy people will curse out who intentionally thinks a train filled with people is the place to put their face on.

I always hope that the train stops short and the offender’s lipstick smears their face like a clown or that their eye makeup drips out of the bottle and on their clothes. But it never seems to happen. And no one ever calls these women on their public display of poor manners. When will we end this ugly practice?

On many signs a list of prohibited behaviors can be found. Don’t spit or play loud music or eat food or drink alcohol are listed often. I have never seen one that says: No putting on make-up. But I think it is time we collectively and publicly shame those who think a train is their bathroom.

Who is with me on this?

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