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Interview with Author Lenora Rogers

Interview With Author Lenora Rogers

1. What types of books do you write? I write about history, my greatest passion and something I am always learning about. I share what I have learned in a historical fiction format. I also write a great deal about the visual and performing arts on my blog.

2. What is your newest book about? It is a historical fiction and the setting is on the island of Malta. The book will be written as a paranormal mystery. I have a number of internet friends that live and work in Malta and they have provided me with a great deal of background about the country and the subject of my book.

3. What inspired you to write it? I have always wanted to write but was never quite sure where to begin. I have always been passionate about the Arts and History, and have always shared with others that passion. I have a great friend, Victoria Adams, who encouraged me to pursue this and so we started off my doing an interview on her blog page. I interviewed Director, Ray Mizzi, about a movie he was doing in Malta, called Adormedira. This was the initial inspiration for my own blog, Lenora’s Culture Centre and Foray into History. With some help and support from the people at PDMI Publishing, I was off and running. In less than a month I had over 2,200 followers.

4. What is the writing process like for you ? The process has been very time consuming, but I have enjoyed developing my story and the characters. I have also had to learn how to use my time wisely, so that it allows me to be more creative. I have had ideas for my characters but they are always evolving and changing, which can add time to the process of getting things written in book form.

5. What did you do before you became an author ? I have worked in many fields: Nursing Aide, Child care worker, secretary and on the job helper at a construction company.

6. How does it feel to be a published author ? I’ll let you know when I get there. I do however find the whole process exhilarating. Now I am developing a blog, organizing my story ideas, and communicating with fellow authors in the internet community

7. Any advice for struggling writers? Dream. Never let anyone tell you that it’s too late or that something won’t be of interest. You never know how many people out there are truly interested in the things you are passionate about until you share. Joining a community of people who are just as passionate as you are can be electrifying.

8. Where do you see book publishing heading ? As the cost of putting a book out on the market comes down, more people can bring their ideas to market. They have to be careful to seek professional help in putting the manuscript together or readers will get too tied up in how
something is said rather than what is being said. As long as you believe in what you have to say, it will be rewarding to make it available to the reading public.

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