Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From I Love You To F___k You!

“Man erects giant middle finger next door to ex-wife.”

That’s the headline of a New York Post online story about a man named Alan Markovitz who got back at his ex-wife by moving into a house next to hers and putting a $7,000 statue of a hand with its middle finger raised in the backyard so she can be greeted by it every day.

It is a sad and funny story about love gone wrong and one’s inability to forgive. That man used to be my client.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of representing this unique character. He wrote a book a few years ago about how he rose to success owning and managing several popular strip clubs in Detroit, including the Penthouse Club. His book, Topless Prophet, revealed stories of how he was shot on two occasions and once targeted for a murder by a contract killer.

I met his ex-wife, who at the time was his fiancée. I knew they were in trouble because they couldn’t set a date for the wedding after years of being together. Interestingly, they broke their marriage apart not over him sleeping with one of his dancers but over her allegedly cheating on him.

Markovitz was one of the most interesting clients I have ever represented. We got him some good stuff, like Fox-TV, New York Post, and dozens of radio interviews. HBO supposedly is developing a TV series that he’s consulting on, but I’ve heard about it for three or four years, so not sure where that’s going.

His creative use of art to uncover a modern-day Scarlett letter is interesting. Hopefully he was able to drown his sorrows in the laps of beautiful dancers after the heartbreak. I guess he can always sell the statue to others in need of making a statement. Politicians, scorned lovers, failed business partners, angry consumers, nasty neighbors, and many employees of lousy bosses could bid for it on eBay.

Maybe he’ll write a book about it.


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