Thursday, November 7, 2013

39 Things Writers Can Blog About

It always amazes me when some writers say they don’t know what to blog about. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps what they need is a template of general topic areas that will generate an idea of what you can write about. Here are 39 areas one can blog on:

1.      Share a memory -- Think back to the past and shape the present.

2.      Reveal a fantasy -- Imagine what could be and let your words shape its reality.

3.      What If Scenario -- Change one thing, and then write about what such an alteration would mean.

4.      What you just accomplished or fell short of doing.

5.      An award you won or lost.

6.      Something funny -- We all enjoy a good laugh.

7.      How-To-Steps to resolve a problem.

8.      Commentary on something in the news.

9.      Reaction to a newspaper column, blog post or other form of media.

10.  Review of a book, movie, show or event.

11.  Share relevant stats, facts, poll results, survey answers, etc.

12.  Comment on an anniversary of an important event -- either could have happened in your life or something that  society honors.

13.  Talk about an epiphany.

14.  Be critical/praising of someone or something.

15.  Raise questions on a subject, with no obligation of providing answers.

16.  Publish a Q&A with another expert.

17.  Excerpt something from your own book.

18.  Invite a guest blog post.

19.  Something personal that provides relevance to your area of expertise.

20.  Write about dogs, kids, chocolate, sex, and life-death issues -- but somehow link these popular things to your blog’s theme.

21.  Praise or criticize the news media.

22.  Debunk a myth.

23.  Voice a contrarian viewpoint.

24.  Share a case study to demonstrate a point.

25.  Reprint book excerpts from other authors.

26.  Write about trends.

27.  Make a bold declaration or issue an ultimatum.

28.  Offer a controversial opinion.

29.  Make predictions.

30.  Talk about the impact of technology on your area of expertise.

31.  Use a dialogue format, like a script, to tell a story.

32.  Do a spoof or a sarcastic-filled post of statements that would otherwise reflect the opposite of how you feel.

33.  Be open and honest on a taboo topic.

34.  Confess to something.

35.  Discuss a trip and how you discovered new things.

36.  Write about those whom have influenced you.

37.  Tear down a celebrity, faux role model, or famous person.

38.  Challenge an authoritative figure, position, or institution.

39.  Analyze a speech, a report, or the results of a study and interpret what it means.

Bonus: Blog about me! Feel free to post any of my blog post links and share them with others. 

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