Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Author Brand Elevation

What should an author’s brand be? It should be authentic – be the best you and hopefully that gets you somewhere. Your brand is not just your image and who you project yourself to be; it is also who you are as a human being, deep in your core.

You can be a great author and have an inspiring or entertaining, or leader-type personality. You can help others improve their lives or lead them to their dreams. You can help people lose weight, find love, make money, or reach a significant goal. But are you a good person?

Eventually your brand suffers when you are exposed as a liar, a cheater, a nasty individual, and a lousy parent, lover, child, friend, or neighbor. So consider doing the right thing, in private and in public. Be who you want to be and then strive to be seen as others want to see you.

So what are the keys to developing your brand?

First, assess who you are and how people view you. Is there a consistency between the two? Identify the areas that need improvement.

Determine who your target market is and figure out how you need to be seen by them in order to gain their trust and admiration. You can’t influence those who don’t respect, like, or understand you.

Three, answer the question: Why do people need you and why do they need you now? What can you give them that is in demand?

Fourth, you need to be able to articulate your story and to quickly summarize your area of expertise in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re reading a resume.

Fifth, follow your passion and let that lead the way.

Sixth, look to define your uniqueness. What do you do better, say better, know better than others? Who needs and wants what you can offer? Who is willing to pay for what you can give? Who can afford you?

Once you’ve determined what your brand is, you’ll want to consistently present this brand in everything you do, from your Web site and blog to your social media, email, voicemail, letterhead, and business cards. Your brand is in everything you say and do, from your clothes and energy level to your voice and friendliness. You literally wear your brand and showcase it in every action that you take.

Once you know who you are, you’ll be ready to become who you want to be.

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