Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baseball’s Greatest Is A Great Book

Just the other day, my son, 8, asked me who I thought was the best baseball player of all time. I told him some say Babe Ruth, others Hank Aaron. Steroids aside, some may say Barry Bonds. The debate is as old as the sport but luckily, a new book ranks the greats and attempts to settle such questions.

The new coffee-table book from Sports Illustrated, Baseball’s Greatest (Time Home Entertainment) offers a beautiful collection of the greatest of the greatest ballplayers. This book pays tribute to the most impressive Hall of Famers and all-stars, spanning over 100 years of super heroic players.

The full-page glossy photos capture players from bygone eras to those who roamed the diamond just a few years ago. The book ranks Top 10 lists in over 20 categories, including the top sluggers, pitchers, managers, stadiums, teams, etc.

Bill Syken, a former editor and reporter of Sports Illustrated magazine, has served as the editor of several SI Books, most recently Football’s Greatest. The Philadelphian created the ultimate fan book with the helpful contributions of other SI baseball writers and editors,  including: Tom Verducci, Albert Chen, David Bauer, Dick Friedman, and Stephen Cannella.

Of course no one will agree on who is the greatest anything, but it’s fun to discuss. I certainly disagree with the book’s pick of Walter Johnson as the greatest pitcher ever. Certainly he was terrific, but the Cy Young Award is named after, well, Cy Young, whom the book picked third?!

The book is inexpensive at a cover price of $32.95. It’s a great gift and it may rank as one of the greatest books that attempts to rate the best baseball players ever.

For more information, consult: www.si.com/baseballgreatest   


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