Sunday, December 22, 2013

Can Books Kill People?

They can if you are reading one while driving!

According to a survey published by USA Today on December 16th, people responded to the question as follows: “What were you doing when you nearly crashed while driving?”

31% said “Read a book or newspaper.”

The worst was 40% said “used my phone to be online.”

30% said they were texting or talking on a phone.

27% were applying make-up.

Perhaps, unrelated, but in the same day’s newspaper, a list of the states with the worst drivers, as ranked by, showed these 10 states had the lousiest drivers:

1.      Louisiana
2.      South Carolina
3.      Mississippi
4.      Texas
5.      Alabama
6.      Florida
7.      Missouri  (tie)
7.    North Carolina (tie)
9.    Montana
10.  North Dakota

Do Book Shoppers Browse Much?

According to a survey published in USA Today, most shoppers don’t search beyond the second page of results when looking to buy something.

83% will not go past four pages.
75% will not go beyond three pages.
58% will not go beyond two pages.
28% will not search beyond the first page.

Will there be More Political Books Than Laws Passed?

The coming 2014 election season will no doubt spawn many books on political agendas and issues, policies, and politicians. But there will be little to say. The 2013 Congress has passed, as of December 9th, just 52 laws. Since the end of World War II, no Congress was as bad as this one. The 1995 session produced the previous record low – 88 laws. For a do-nothing Congress, there’s sure to be a lot of promise-filled books coming out of those involved in Capitol Hill.


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