Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Interview With Author Colleen Anderson

1.      What inspired you to become a writer? At first it was a release from a bad family life but overall it was exploring the worlds of what-if and the amazing capacity of humans to imagine in so many different ways.

2.      How does it feel to be a published author? Like it’s never enough. J At first it was a thrill to have my pieces published and that is always a thrill, but I’m always thinking I should be doing more, I can write better. It’s the role of any artist, really. Our latest piece is our best and then we strive to better ourselves. If I thought I could no longer make anything better than the one before I would quit.

3.      What is your current book about? It is about Tanzanell the last ruler of Tala Kathanor, whose family members have disappeared or died. She feels the pressures to produce an heir, yet at the same time a religious rebellion has begun that could upset the balance of the kingdom. To the east, during the winter months, word also reaches Tanzanell that a strange lizard like race has invaded. She must try to deal with all situations, while the two antagonists have their own traumas and betrayals that embroil them. Of course this leads to a war where all sides might lose. The ending is only another beginning, and another branching for Tanzanell and her antagonists.

4.      What impact do you feel your book had on a reader? While my book has not yet come out, my stories have had varying impacts. Some have been for enjoyment while many may have disturbed or made people think. I write many morality tales where the main character must face or might cause a moral dilemma. It is one way for people to take in philosophy and other perspectives without actually having to go through the trials and tribulations of all situations.

5.      What advice do you have for writers? Don’t give up, persevere. The majority of writers suffer some rejection. Just keep writing and submitting and taking workshops.

6.      Where do you see the publishing industry heading? Just as video did not kill the radio star, so has digital publishing not killed the print book. However, the industry is morphing so much that it’s hard to know where it will go. It’s much easier to get a book published if you want to do it for yourself, but marketing is still the money maker. We have thousands and thousands of books being created. Some are terrible so while a good book may not have been picked up from a publisher in the past, it has a better chance of being discovered, or just as equal a chance to be lost in the dross. It’s an exciting time and the evolution is happening quite quickly. We’re going to be seeing books that are thin sheets of plastic, much smaller than ereaders, where you can tap to change the pages. We’re still going to see people with books in their hands as well. I’d rather hold a book while soaking in the tub than an ereader. 

For more information, please consult:   http://colleenanderson.wordpress.com

BEST-SELLING AUTHOR John Maxwell says:
“Anyone who does what he must only when he is in the mood or when it’s convenient isn’t going to be successful.  As a leader, you already have too little time.  Now all you need is a plan.  If you can determine what’s really a priority and release yourself from everything else, it’s a lot easier to follow through on what’s important.  And that’s the essence of self-discipline.

In contrast, secure leaders are able to believe in others because they believe in themselves.  They aren’t arrogant; they know their own strengths and weaknesses and respect themselves.  When their people perform well, they don’t feel threatened.  They go out of their way to bring the best people together and then build them up so that they will perform at the highest level.  And when a secure leader’s team succeeds, it brings him great joy.  He sees that as the highest compliment he can receive for his leadership ability.”

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