Sunday, September 28, 2014

Can You Promote Your Book?

Should one want to do something, whatever it may be, we are told we can do it.  There’s no shortage of books that show us how to do things, like write our own will, sell our house, save our marriage, raise an Ivy League student, heal our mental or physical maladies, remodel a bathroom, or run a business.  The list goes on and on.  The truth is, the idea sounds better than the reality. 

The same is true for those who think they can promote themselves and their book to the media.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Exceptional people can do exceptional things, but the average person lacks the experience, resources, connections, knowledge, discipline, courage, or focus to promote their book successfully.  But they also lack money and have to promote their book because no one else will do it for them.  These people do book publicity out of necessity and some have shining moments. 

But many authors who can afford to hire a publicist and mistakenly think they could do it themselves usually make a big mistake.  Just as a doctor shouldn’t treat herself as a patient and a lawyer who has himself as a client is a fool, authors are best promoted by a professional.  A good book publicist will generate media coverage by using a creative approach, great research skills, excellent communication approach, tapping into his or her contacts, and making use of his knowledge about the media.

A publicist may cost you money but save you time, stress, and from committing costly mistakes. 

PR is really an investment and a long-term asset that has a pay-off when it comes to looking at what it delivers – not just book sales but credibility and branding.  To establish or expand your media resume gives you currency with publishers for future books and raises your professional profile.  Good publicity also helps you spread your message and influence millions of people.

The thing that authors should do for themselves is social media but many still don’t want to do it, do it poorly, do it infrequently, or do it in a way that is neither strategic nor useful.  Yet any one can open a free Twitter account and have thousands of followers in no time.  Social media is a fast, cheap, and easy – though time-consuming – way to reach out to a targeted pool of potential readers and speak directly with them.

Probably the best thing an author can do is to participate in the PR process – not solo – but in conjunction with a seasoned book publicist.  Or, at least consult with a professional book marketer and promoter, so they can give you tools, suggestions, and helpful information that will help you help yourself. 

Remember, you can do anything on your own.  But you can’t do everything.  Choose wisely when it comes to your book.

The number of bookstores, reports The New York Times, in Manhattan has dropped almost 30% from 2000 to 2012, the literary capital of America.

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