Friday, October 17, 2014

Gone Girl Best Movie Of The Year

My wife and I saw Gone Girl in the movie theater and loved it.  I’d give it the Oscar for best movie.  No other movie is this well written and well acted.  It provides a blend of entertainment and moral message.

In fact, the messages are plentiful – covering marriage, infidelity, obsession, the media, perception and appearance, the legal system, womanhood, manhood, and family.

Not since Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction or The Hand That Rocks The Cradle have we seen such a villainous, obsessed, scorned woman than the one presented in Gone Girl.  Never have we seen a setup as big as this since Body Heat.  If I just named a number of classics from the past three decades it’s done intentionally.  Gone Girl will be such a classic.

Based on a book – as many great movies are -- the movie adaptation seems to do it justice from what my wife tells me.  She read the book.

It’s funny, you can watch the movie and tend to side with the guy – if you’re a guy -- and the woman – if you’re a woman.  There are many layers of guilt and truth to a story of betrayal, disappointment, revenge, and redemption.

It’s a movie all couples – married or dating should see.  You’ll never think your relationship is so bad after seeing this film – but you’ll be afraid that your relationship won't last a long time – knowing the chances that someone  in it is disappointed, perhaps to the point of desperation. 

The movie should be retitled to: “I love you, fuck you, and they ______?”

Did You Know?

Back in 1896, National Geographic did something that seems more commonplace today – publishing a photo of bare-breasted woman.  It would be more than a half-century later before Playboy came to be.

The magazine began publishing in 1888 and by the next year it started to include photographs.  This year it celebrates its 125th anniversary of publishing photos – 539 of which are of bare-breasted women.

The magazine’s earliest mission was to “document the world and all that is in it.”


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