Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hey Author, What Kind Of Salesperson Are You?

There are many ways to sell something, including books.  Usually, a key element is price, but many products and services are sold with price being a minor factor.  People buy because:

·         They really want or need what you have
·         Competition is low
·         Your offer is reasonable – and convenient
·         You have good timing, being in the right place at the right time
·         Trusted sources recommend you
·         You got many good reviews
·         They feel others will buy from you and don’t want to be left out

Books may be bought for any number of reasons but authors, publishers, and marketers should take note of how others sell their offerings:

Gyms – they use psychology to suck you in, telling you this is the time to take care of yourself and trying to convert momentary interest into a year-long commitment

Cars – they sell you on the "low" monthly payment and not the total cost they will get you when it comes to valuing your trade-in or on your financing deal

Cellphones  - You want the latest, fastest technology in your pocket and have been convinced you need it and are entitled to it

Vacations/Travel – You are sold on the idea you’ll see new things, be away from home and obligations , and catered to like a queen

Junk Food – they sell you something that makes you feel good but really isn’t good for you

Movies – instant escape and a guaranteed payoff in a nicely packaged time period

Music – instant, personalized, cheap, portable, fun.

Sporting events – be a part of the action, or even history; join fellow fans and feel alive, as if you’ll see something that TV can’t capture

Insurance – fear motivates this purchase

Clothing – this is sold based on making you feel and look better without having to do anything; people shop in hopes of transforming their inside from the outside.

Furniture – you feel like you did something substantial when you buy furniture; salesman convinces you it’ll last forever

Religion – join a church for community – and out of guilt!

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