Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How Authors Speak Successfully

What makes for a good presentation when you are speaking to people about your book?  There are many paths to lead to the same destination, but which one is right for you?

Let’s think of the end result that you want to achieve.

Presumably, you are speaking before others with some clear objectives.  Make sure you know what they are – and prioritize them.  You likely:

·         Want to sell books
·         Hope to get people to your site
·         Would like to make a social networking connection
·         Want to be hired as a consultant – or a speaker
·         Just want to make a positive branding impression and to get attendees to talk about you to others
·         Want to share a positive and inspiring message

Ok, so now you know why you are there.  Think about what you can say, offer, share – or not do – that will impact, influence and motivate others to take the actions you desire.

Things don’t just happen accidentally.  You first have to create a plan and push the things within your control.  Once it’s left your hands or lips, it’s out there and you can only hope that you gave yourself the best chance to succeed.  It’s like raising a child – you hope you did enough to give them love, guidance, and resources so they can be successful, independent adults.  Your presentation is that child. Do your best with it and then it takes a life of its own.

The legacy of your speech will come down to a number of elements going in your favor, so let’s look at what you control.

You can:

·         Prepare an interesting, humorous, inspiring speech
·         Dress for success
·         Bring images
·         Hand out freebies and written materials
·         Decide what comes out of your mouth
·         Use any hand gestures or physical mannerisms
·         Bring in props, from a puppet to a guitar, cool lighting, and music or any element that enhances the presentation
·         Make sure the attendees are in a comfortable environment

Your speech can be a performance.  It can involve not just you speaking, but a multi-media event unfurling.  You can even hire people to supplement your presentation.  Imagine having a dancer perform while you spoke or breaking your speech up with someone singing a moving song.  It’s possible.

The things people like in a speech are the ones we all love:

·         An attractive speaker
·         A soothing voice
·         Confidence
·         Humor
·         Forceful inspiration
·         Insights on the things we lack access to
·         Reminders of what’s important
·         Stories of the famous and successful
·         Showing unusual visuals
·         Speakers who make us feel like we matter and that we’re part of a connected movement

There are many speaking styles out there.  More than one will get you to where you want to be.  Have fun being a speaker and rethink how your presentation can be done so that you and your attendees have fun.  Results will come when that happens.

Writers, please never violate these three rules!

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