Thursday, May 19, 2016

Interview With Author Joan E. Walmsley

Manifest Your Magnificence: The Energetics of Being

1.      What inspired you to write the book? I believe we are at a pivotal time in human history.  It is obvious that the old established way of doing things is simply not working. From politics, business and the economy to religion, the environment and the massive migration of peoples-we are a world in turmoil.  I believe what is going on in the world at large is only a reflection of what is going on in individuals and my own awakened consciousness, transformational process and lived experience inspired me to share what I have learned and come to know as a way being in the world that can begin to resolve peacefully the issues that face the human family.

2.      What is it about? It is about the energetic component that underpins all living systems including the human being and the interconnectedness of all life. Science is now converging with ancient wisdom, mysticism and metaphysics to show us that everything is made of energy that has an active intelligence and consciousness.  The book is an introduction to the energetic nature of life and about the personal transformation that occurs within a human being when they shift from a purely physical based perception to an energy consciousness based understanding of reality and the reorientation of life experience this creates. It provides a pathway to achieving this state and tools that support this process. It also provides an abundance of scientific evidence supporting this premise across a variety of different disciplines.

3.      What do you hope will be the everlasting thought for readers who finish your book?  I hope my readers will come to realize they are powerful creators who are capable of creating their own reality. When this is done consciously there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Whatever the problems in our personal lives, our families, our businesses our community and the global community at large - all can be immediately improved and radically transformed when we shift our perspective and realize we are all one. This is not just a cliché, it is scientific fact.

4.      What advice do you have for writers? If you have a book in you, you know about it. Stick at it and let it come through. Write every day even when you don’t feel like it because it will come. You just need to make yourself available as the conduit.

5.      Where do you think the book publishing industry is heading? I imagine that too is in turmoil with the advent of self- publishing and direct online publishing. I believe the industry needs to make some big shifts to accommodate the changing demands of readers and writers alike.

6.      What challenges did you have in writing your book? This is my first book and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of researching and writing it. When it came to the self- publishing it turned into a nightmare and it became apparent to me that there needs to be a big shift within companies who are offering this as a paid service to effectively understand their clients’ needs and subsequently implement their service professionally.

7.      if people can only buy one book this month why should it be yours? It is a radical book and it challenges much of what is considered to be mainstream and accepted as a way of looking at the world and being in it. By viewing our own problems from this new perspective, as each individual shifts their consciousness one by one, I believe collectively we can solve global problems at an unprecedented pace. If you are concerned about the future and the future of your children then you need to be aware of what the established authorities are not telling you and yet is undeniably now evidenced by science. Knowledge and information are useless if not acted upon, but transformation is priceless!

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