Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Interview with Authors Linda and Janette Owens

 Authors of The Protectors

1. What inspired you to write your book? Janette: I had one of those detailed dreams. The kind that it’s hard to tell dream from reality. This dream was the beginning of this story. It kept repeating frequently. It remained in my mind vividly, not the kind of dream you quickly forget. Then for years the dream stopped. Then years later, it started again, even more of the story came into my mind. I started writing it down, but didn't know how to translate what I thought and felt into words. I tore it all up and quit many, many times. The dream wouldn't stop. It was a story that demanded to be told. One day I started writing it down the best I could until I had 10 spiral notebooks full of it.  Linda: I have always been a reader. From the time I was old enough to hold up a book myself, I have been reading and by the time I started school I was reading well above my age/grade level. My biggest favorites has always been science fiction, and my greatest dream to see a sci-fi book on a bookstores shelf with my name on it. It still is.

2. What is it about? The Creator made the Protectors near the Beginning to seek one that would be pure of heart. Searching for centuries, the Protectors found one such family, and protected them from Earthly threats. "The Protectors" is a fantasy story about a Christian family caught in a curse that has lasted 400 years. Eventually a baby girl is born that will be able to break the curse. It results in a clash between the Protectors and Legion in an epic battle between good and evil.

3. What do you hope will be the everlasting thoughts for readers who finish your book? We hope that readers will know that no matter what difficulties we face in life, those of our own making, or those that are created by life around us, we have the support of a greater power, and those that do His bidding. You don't really need to be a Christian to enjoy reading "The Protectors."

4. What advice do you have for writers? Never give up! If you have a story, tell it. It can be a personal experience, or a fantasy, or, as is "The Protectors," it can be a combination of both. If you enjoy any part of creativity, you may enjoy writing. It’s not messy, you don't need to continuously buy craft supplies - maybe a computer and some software, but just once! If you write with someone else, by all means, have the same dream!

5. Where do you think the book publishing industry is heading? This is a hard one. A long time ago, when a book was published you figured it was done by a professional, and had to be a good story. And you knew that it was a well done project. The quality of the book itself spoke volumes about its contents.  Nowadays, anyone can publish a book, by a variety of publishers. Professionalism is circumspect. It may reach the highest of talent and expectations, or the depths of... what is a good word? "Where did this person go to school?" comes to mind. We hope that "The Protectors" is somewhere in between. The publishing industry these days is aiding and abetting would be writers, and encouraging an entire generation of creativity. There are stories that want to be told, and small publishers have generated outlets that hopefuls, such as myself, can readily access without need of literary agents. On the other hand, we also believe publishers have somewhat cheapened the prospect of being a successful writer. If anyone can do it, how does a new James Patterson, or Steven King get recognized?  

6. What challenges did you have in writing your book? Janette: Getting my daughter to type my 10 notebooks into a manuscript!  Linda: I didn't want to! I fought against it for months. She tore up her earlier attempts to write it down several times, telling me to write it. I didn't have the dream! I don't know your people or anything about the story.... how could I write it? To start with, I have poor vision. Reading her writing, done in pencil on both sides of the paper, was difficult. And she can't spell worth of flip! Her mind would race way ahead of her thoughts, so there would be missing words, and changing thought patterns, and mixed up names. It was a mess! But eventually I started reading what she had written, and I got caught up in the story too. Mom only wrote the story itself. There were no descriptions, no thoughts or impressions. Just the story. So when I started typing, that's what I added, along with some environmentals, and settings of the scenes, those sorts of things. The story is hers. The rest is mine. 

7. If people can only buy one book this month, why should it be yours? Summer is quickly approaching. Soon school will be out and outdoor activities begin. Right now, take a break from the spring preparations, the garden is planted, let it do its thing. Kids are planning their summer, and vacations are being set up. Read a book! Read "The Protectors." It’s a light read, one that won't get you bogged down with a lot of details. It’s a lighthearted mix of romance, drama, mystery, and comedy. But be sure to grab a hanky... or two.

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