Friday, May 20, 2016

It Takes A Village To Raise An Author

There is an industry within the book industry.  The book industry has many layers and professionals that are needed to get a book from concept to the marketplace.  Authors probably find it daunting. They need a staff to break through the clutter.  Here are some insights and shortcuts on what you may need in order to succeed:

Choosing A Publishing Path

Will you:

·         Self-publish?
·         Traditional publish?
·         Hybrid publish?

If you self-publish, you must determine if you will:

·         Do e-book only
·         Print-on-demand
·         Print copies and use a distributor
·         Need a cover designer
·         Need an editor
·         Need a publicist
·         Need a marketer
·         Advertise
·         Pay for reviews

If you traditional publish, you must find:

·         A literary agent
·         A book publisher
·         A lawyer to review contracts

If you hybrid publish:

You need to determine what you will pay for, such as books and who else you will need to help create and market the book.  You are splitting costs and collaborating with your publisher.

Authors need to determine why they are publishing a book and to weigh what’s most important to them about the process.  For instance, if you have a fat ego, you probably want to have a big-name publisher.  If you are a consultant who needs a book on the quick to generate client leads, you likely will self-publish.  If you need help in developing your talent and brand, you want the guidance of a publisher.  If you have your first book written and want to pay someone to promote it, you don’t need a publisher.

Once you know which route to take, determine a budget of your time, resources, and money.  How much will you dedicate to promoting and marketing your book and brand?  Don’t make the mistake of leaving it to chance.  Authors need to realize they have to invest themselves and their assets in order to turn their idea, their creation, their dream into a reality.

It takes a staff to raise an author.  You’ll need paid help no matter which route to publishing fits you best. And even when you outsource certain things, don’t believe that you’ll be able to just walk away and leave everything to others.  It’s a collaborative process.

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