Saturday, May 28, 2016

What Will the Book Market Look Like In 2041?

Twenty-five years ago the book market looked a lot different than it does today – or even five years ago. Not counting the independent bookstores or big box places that may carry books like Target or Costco’s, there were 3,293 chain bookstore outlets in 1991.  There are less than half of that today.

The big difference then and now is Amazon. Another big difference is the advent of e-books.  The Great Recession also greatly altered the book retail landscape.

In 1991, Barnes & Noble had 1,343 stores.  They now have around 640 stores.  Back then, Waldenbooks had 1,268 stores.  None exist today.

Where will the book market be in 2041 – 25 years from now?

Will we be more of a book mobile pushcart society or will we go back to the big mall bookstore environment?  Perhaps we will just be a print-on-demand world.

The future of the book marketplace will depend on technology, convenience, cost, competition and the preferences of the masses.  Who knows how much people will pay for content or how much time they’ll have available to read books in a society that’s constantly distracted by many competing mediums.

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