Saturday, May 7, 2016

What’s In Your PR Equipment Bag?

All authors and book promoters need to have their version of an equipment bag. Just as I carry an equipment bag for the baseball team of 10 and 11-year-olds that I coach, so too must writers and those who market them.

What should go in your equipment bag? It’s not just the tools of your trade – laptop, smartphone, pen, pad, and dictionary (coffee too!) – but rather it’s the resources that you may call upon to improve your writings and help you produce great content at a prolific rate.

A baseball team bag tends to have both offensive and defensive tools.  For instance, it has battling helmets to protect the hitter from suffering an injury to the head. It has emergency items to treat an injury, such as ice packs and band-aids. It also has a weapon to score runs with -- bats -- and it has baseballs, the crucial item needed in order to play a game.

A writer’s equipment bag may not be a physical thing, though it could very well be things that help today’s writer to perform his or her core task.  Maybe your bag has snacks, a device to listen to music, a power cord, and some other useful items.  Perhaps you have other content to inspire or distract you – newspapers, magazines, books, etc.  But what writers need are resources – certain websites, social media pages, blogs, videos, podcasts and landing pages – that inform the writer.

Perhaps your bag has clothes in it.  Some clothes make us feel sexy.  Other clothes give us a professional appearance. You have athletic clothes, casual wear, night-out threads, and all kinds of looks.  Which clothes will give you comfort to bang out a great book?

Maybe your bag has an addictive substance or behavior in it. Did you remember to bring your smokes, booze, pills, or needles?  Perhaps you need to have sex, shop, eat, or gamble before you are focused on writing.  Put it into your bag.

Sometimes a bag just needs to be emptied. We burden ourselves with things, thoughts, and obligations. To write well we need to unclutter our minds.  Maybe you need to meditate, take a nap, or workout before you start hacking away at the keyboard.

Writers know which elements are conducive for them to be productive.  Some of us need complete silence around us while others thrive amid noise and chaos.

Some require a certain part of the day -- sunrise, pre-dawn, dusk, midnight, lunchtime, or commuting time – to produce our best writings.

We all carry an equipment bag with us.  Think about what should be in your bag and then pack it up and go off to write.  Just remember to pack extra underwear – you may decide to stay a little longer once you settle in.

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