Thursday, May 5, 2016

Interview with Author Mikael von Matern

1.      Why did you write the book? When I was seven years old, I used to daydream high up in a tree. You see, I had an office up in this tree and I used to sit there often, dreaming about what I wanted to do when I grew up. Here was the beginning of my big dream about inspiring people to feel good. After a serious inflammation in my brain, which I suffered eight years ago, I started to research how we can make ourselves feel even better and get more out of life. So, when I started writing this book two years ago, I had all the material I needed to realize my dream about this book.

2.      What do people enjoy about it? The average person has over 40,000 thoughts per day, and studies show that almost 90% of these are negative ones. Did you know that negative thoughts harm your brain? How may we learn to control our negative thoughts and how do we learn how to control our unwelcome feelings? Step by step we look at which components give people the best chances of feeling good and how we may create the best possible lives for ourselves. I provide you with efficient tools, methods and tricks, which will make your life easier and give you a better and happier life.

3.      How rewarding is it to be a writer? I get inspired watching others growing and evolving. During my whole writing process, I have had a very strong feeling that other people will feel even better from having read my book. This feeling has given me continuous energy and inspiration to complete the book.

4.      How challenging was it to write such a book?  This book was my biggest challenge ever.

5.      Any advice for struggling writers? Studies from all over the world show that the happiest and most content people are those who on a daily basis devote themselves to their passions. If writing is a passion, do not let yourself be held back by fears and other limiting thoughts. Write your book because you want to invest in your personal growth and in your future!

6.      Where do you see book publishing is heading?  My goal is to make my book a best-selling book all over the world
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