Monday, July 11, 2016

5 Writer Entrepreneur Characteristics For Success

Writers will be successful if they are talented, ambitious and focused.  All they need is to stay true to who they are and follow the path their inner voice tells them to take.  Of course, writing may come easy – and be most enjoyable – to those who practice the art of writing, but to really be successful a lot will be required of them when it comes to marketing and publicity.  So, what attributes or characteristics will writer entrepreneurs need?

1.      Trust in others.  One of the pillars of getting ahead in life is to utilize the help of others, including people you pay to perform a task for you.  In order to let go and benefit from the work of others, you need to trust that people will do what they say they’ll do.  You need to trust that even if others can’t do something as well as you could, that they’ll do it in a way that is at least satisfactory.  Trust in them and give them the tools to succeed – and you can free yourself up to do what you need and want to do.

2.      Hope for the best  Be optimistic, put in the hard work, utilize the gifts of others – and you will be in a position to get lucky.  Pray if you like.  Be hopeful and good things will come.

3.      Execute  Do the work – don’t just plan, debate, research, question, or review.  Execute.  Take action – often.  Too many people think, but don’t act.  You can’t be crippled by fears, choice, or lack of information.  You do your best to act under the resources you have in any given moment.  The only way to succeed is to take action and to be ready to correct that action with a contradictory or additional action.

4.      Work hard and smart  You need to work at a high level of intensity and energy -- and to do so efficiently and intelligently.  Even when you can take shortcuts or get lucky on a gamble, it doesn’t mean you rest on your success.  No, you reinvest your time, effort, and brain power to expand and do more.  Long hours should be expected in order to win at what you put your mind to.

5.      Keep Learning  Writers become great writers from practicing and constantly researching, questioning, and learning.  Don’t ever feel you know everything or enough.  Assume you don’t know anything and thirst on the world of knowledge out there.  The world is changing, growing, and evolving.  The best writers keep reading and exploring new ideas and information.


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