Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton: Who Is Best For The Book World?

There is an important race for the White House this November, perhaps the most significant one in a number of generations.  But it’s not just the fate of our economy, healthcare, military, or environment that are at stake. It is books and their future.

Depending on who you elect – and what kind of Congress gets swept in with either one – you will see significant policy differences when it comes to books, from the destiny of libraries and literacy programs to how we as a society come to embrace books.  Even the subject matter of some books will be radically different depending on who occupies the Oval Office.

Books grow and flourish when the public environment treasures them.  The Democrats and liberals are always talking about education and about helping those who lack the skills to compete or even function.  Under Clinton, you’ll see increases in federal spending for public schools, libraries, community learning centers, adult education, and literacy organizations.  Under Trump and the Republicans you may see no increases -- or even a cut in spending on such matters.

Just look at them -- who do you think is even likely to read a book? Clinton speaks with an intelligent sophistication.  He talks from the gutter and instigates a verbal brawl whenever he opens his mouth.

Clinton has written best-selling books.  So has Trump, although Trump’s co-writer for The Art of the Deal recently apologized for having helped build up his image, revealing that Trump is truth-challenged and a threat to the world.

Clinton always uses positive, progressive, unifying language in her speeches; Trump looks to alienate, demonize, and criticize. She looks to tackle problems; he merely likes to tackle people.  They are two strikingly different leaders and I can’t imagine him championing the book publishing industry, one that’s filled mostly with Clinton supporters due to the fact that educated, intelligent, well-read people do not favor having an ignorant novice in the most powerful office.  We had stupid in the White House for eight years under Bush Jr. and look at what that got us – two wars, two recessions, the nation’s biggest terrorist attack and the doubling of the national debt.

Most recently a black woman was up for nomination to head The Library of Congress.  The Republicans tried to avoid a vote and dismissed her as too liberal.  They don’t have a clue about how to promote books, education, cultural diversity, and exploring one’s brain power.  Too much of the Republican Party is filled with gun-loving nuts who wish it was 1950 again.  The Democrats, for all their ambitions and failings, consistently support growing our cultural and learning institutions.  They now advocate for debt-free college.

Trump has no political record to run on so I can’t say how he’d balance a budget but if his failed businesses represent his thinking, look out. He’ll balance nothing and take us further into debt so he can cut taxes on the rich while not growing crucial services such as education.

Trump represents a post-literate brand of politics.  He’d sooner quote 50 Shades of Grey than a high-level book.

If you Google “Trump on literacy” you see articles and blog posts that are critical of him. Do the same with Clinton and you see all kinds of policy initiatives and events come up.  That is very telling.

Clinton has noted certain books that have influenced her and that she’d recommend, including The Return of the Prodigal Son, The Color Purple, Little Women, The Poisonwood Bible, and The Clan in the Cave Bear. Trump’s favorite books?  The Art of War, The Power of Positive Thinking, and The Prince.  She’s about overcoming struggles for women and minorities.  He’s about holding power and getting rich.

The fate of books rest with who will sit in power. Let’s not repeat a Bush presidency where the sword was mightier than the pen. Let’s have sanity and a positive attitude towards reading and learning. Vote for Clinton, if you truly love books – and this country.

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