Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Education Of Marketing Books

It is not lost on me that I get paid to, in part, read books and learn about the world.  Sure, I actually get compensated to promote books to the media and develop author brands, but along the way I come across knowledge, experiences, and ideas from a wide variety of books and author discussions.

Promoting books and authors is far more rewarding and interesting than calling upon my marketing skills to hawk products and services of big corporations.  Do I really want to peddle some useless widget or the latest model of an SUV?  Will I feel like I’m serving a higher purpose by making sure a food chain gets some media coverage for introducing a new doughnut?

When marketing books it is a similar feeling to promoting a non-profit.  There’s a higher purpose involved.  I feel like I make the world better when informing them of positive messages, empowering visions, and the transferring of knowledge.  Not all books are important or even entertaining, but promoting words, ideas, and human experiences is such a wonderful and useful experience.  No one’s life is changed by hearing about a commercial product, but many people may act or think differently after hearing about a book or heeding an author’s advice.

Sometimes I worked with authors who turned out to not be so interesting, helpful, or even truthful.  Not all authors are good people nor are their books useful.  But that’s life -- there is good and bad in every field.

Some of the authors I’ve worked with – and the sum exceeds well over a thousand – have inspired me, made me think differently, helped me change a habit or encouraged me to do better, be more and become whom I was meant to be.  I’ve been given guidance on diet, healthcare, finances, legal matters, parenting, coaching, travel, communicating, home buying, grieving, relationships, sex, religion, politics, and just about every aspect of life.  What a wonderful way to earn a degree in living!

Of course, it’s a two-way street.  I’d like to think I imparted wisdom-- about life and book publicity – to all of those whom I’ve helped over the years.  We learned from each other and grew wiser for it.  Life’s about the people you meet, the experiences you have, the books you read, and the flow of your imagination.  By working with writers,  I’ve been able to give and receive simultaneously.

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