Sunday, June 11, 2017

Author PR Strategy: Do The Basics

A lot of book publicity is basic and obvious.  Sure there’s a place for strategy, but when you break it down, there are common sense things that one must do. So let’s review these core things to make sure you have them covered and then we can start to address add-ons.

To properly promote a book in 2017:

·         Send out advance review copies to book reviewers at leading print publications as well as select TV shows, such as the network morning shows or long-lead magazines.

·         Get some reviews with established media. You can pay some of these outlets, including Kirkus Reviews, PW Select, and The Foreword.

·         You should create a website for you and your book before you start any kind of marketing outreach (about six months prior to your scheduled release date).

·         If you plan to secure speaking engagements, start early and act months and months in advance.  Bookstore signings need to be scheduled at least two months ahead of when you hope to do them.  Libraries need at least a month’s advance notice.  Organizations that hire speakers book at 6-12 months in advance.  Organizations like a chamber of commerce, church, or local non-profit may require three to five months lead time.  They usually won’t pay you, but they’ll afford you branding opportunities and an introduction to people to buy your book. 

·         Draft your press kit materials before you send out advance review copies and post portions of them on your website.

·         Think of ideas for bylined articles for specific newspapers, trade publications and magazines – or guest posts for online media.  Write these pieces up and build up a collection so you can get them out closer to the publication date of your book.

·         Start on social media way before your book is up – then ramp it up as you get closer to publication time.  This means you need to build your well before you’re thirsty – get on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you feel your target readership resides.  Build up a network of followers early on and accelerate the process as your book comes out.

·         Interview PR firms five months prior to the publication date and select one with enough advance time so they can do all of the appropriate pre-publication work properly.

·         Don’t forget to ask prominent people for testimonials and endorsements way before pub date.  Put their comments on your book cover, press materials, web site and marketing materials.

·         Apply for all appropriate awards on time.  Don’t limit yourself to one or two and don’t plan on accepting a Pulitzer either.

·         Get on Goodreads and Net Galley.

·         Post to your blog regularly and use social media to promote it.

Once you do all or most of these things you’ll need to keep at them and hope your persistence, timing, creativity and luck catch you a break.  Of course, you can also brainstorm with others and craft a unique, personalized strategy to get attention for your book.  

As long as you thoroughly attack the basics, you’ll be ahead of most authors.

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