Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Fast Book Marketing Start In 2018

The New Year is upon us.  Enthusiasm is in the air.  Everyone feels a bit of optimism when they think about writing a book or promoting one in 2018.  Everything feels possible, seems hopeful, and looks good.  We are on our annual kick to see the bright potential in our lives, the world, and our writing careers.

But that feeling can only be sustained and validated with hard work.

So what will get you off to the right start in the New Year?

1.      Review what has worked-not worked for you when it came to promoting your books in 2017.  Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

2.      Take a look at what could be done differently in 2018.  Are there areas of book marketing that you haven’t tried?  Maybe you are great at social media but need to get into public speaking, or perhaps you did a lot of posting of articles in publications but need to now do more radio interviews.

3.      Consider hiring help and if you paid others to help but they fell short, think about trading up in your vendors.  Do you have a book promoter? A web designer?  A literary agent?  A speaker’s bureau?

4.      Look to network more.  No matter how much or how little you’ve done, you’ll need to do more.  Network in person and online.

5.      Connect with fellow writers and writer groups or publishing-related associations.  Your fellow craftspeople can give you tips, strategies, emotional support, ideas, and a mirror to help you grow.

6.      Have a book marketing plan.  No plan?  No chance at success.  Got a plan?  Tweak it and evaluate it throughout the year.  It’s okay to dramatically change course, if needed.

7.      Keep learning about book marketing.  Read blogs like this one, as well as books, trade publications, magazines, and newsletters that cover publishing, writing, media, and your industry genre.  Attend seminars, webinars, conferences, and workshops.  You will either learn something new or validate your knowledge – and you’ll meet others who may be able to help you.

8.      Don’t keep doing things the same way if the results are not what you need, but don’t be too quick to abandon something that could work but needs a fresh approach.

9.      Don’t be quick to make excuses, blame others or get down on yourself from rejection.  That’s simply the way of the loser.  Assert yourself rather than be reactionary, be persistent and work past the goals, and don’t look to justify or defend why you are stuck. Dig down and find what must be done to get out of second gear.

10.  Be confident and optimistic.  Forget that 3,000 books are published daily or that last year’s news cycle got swallowed up by President Trump – along with hurricanes, terror attacks and a soul-searching, sexual harassment revolution.  The calendar is fresh.  It’s a new day.  Make your mark!

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