Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How Can Authors Blog With Impact?

Last month I took a three-week hiatus from blogging, my longest drought since I began blogging over six and a half years ago.  But after 2670 blog posts I needed a break.  Coupled with a natural end-of-the-year slow down, I didn’t feel compelled to post nor did I feel I had anything new to share.  But after the break, I feel refreshed and after writing -- but not posting – some 20 soon-to-be-published posts, I feel ready to go back to my prolific ways.  Here are suggestions for making your blog a success in the New Year. 

First, make sure you’re on a schedule. Determine how frequently you’ll post and stick to it.  You should blog at least weekly and likely 2-3x per week.  Some do it daily.  It depends on your readership, length of posts, and other factors – including your time!

Second, look to keep your content original and edgy, but give yourself a break and allow for guest-posters, the running of Q&A’s, and the re-publishing of the content of others.

Third, if you’re going to blog, use social media to promote it.  Treat the blog as if it were a book.

Fourth, look back at your older posts and occasionally re-share them via social media.  Also consider updating or expanding upon them and use the old to create new stuff.

Here are some general tips for effective blogging:

·         People will click based on your headline and the lead paragraph.  Make those really inviting.
·         Images also increase chances of being read, so use one.
·         Vary the length of your posts.  They need to be at least 350-500 words and can easily range from 600-900 words.  Sometimes go longer when it’s important.
·         Use bullet points, lists, quotes, excerpts, and charts where possible.
·         Subheads break up the copy and help people skim.
·         Keep the language simple and easy-flowing but the words should be relevant to the voice you want to project and consistent with the lingo used for your genre.
·         Participate in the conversation – invite comments and respond to your readers.
·         Invite engagement – be controversial, raise issues, ask questions, make bold statements, share deep observations, espouse your philosophy, and be forthcoming on your life’s failures, fears, or challenges.
·         Stay on message and post with brand consistency – don’t start veering far off of what your blog is all about.
·         Consider commenting on news of the day, polls, statistics, or findings released by trade associations, governments, or other authoritative bodies.
·         Write about trends, predictions, or reflections of the past.
·         Provide useful how-to steps to resolve a problem.
·         Tell a personal story in a way others can learn from.
·         Write with emotion and feeling.
·         Discuss the anniversary of a historical event – or a related holiday, honorary day, or special moment.
·         Review books of others.
·         Create a hypothetical conversation.
·         Share resources.
·         Provide useful analysis on a contemporary issue, event, or figure.
·         Write up the rules, lessons, or goals of something relevant.
·         Have a bitchfest and attack something.
·         Make a confession.
·         Issue a dare.
·         Provide great advice.

Most importantly write with a filter.  Your blog can be about anything but should be about something your readers expect, need or want.  Be focused and determined in your writings.  A blog post should pass through a prism, one in which you set the terms and conditions.  The more dedicated and disciplined you are in your approach, the more effective and rewarding your blogging shall be.

You can blog with impact, if that’s your intention.  Step it up and write about not only what’s important to you but what’s of interest to others.  And if you need a break, as I did, take one.  You’ll be a better blogger for it.

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