Saturday, January 13, 2018

How To Experience Greater Things In 2018

Think bigger!

Could that be your mantra for 2018?

To get off to a fantastic start this year, as a writer, consider doing the following:

1.      Imagine the possibilities.

2.      Extend yourself into new areas.

3.      Write down your dream -- and all of the goals needed to achieve it.

4.      Feel connected to what you seek to accomplish.

5.      Determine what you can do to affect the outcome you desire.

7.      Review your goals daily and keep taking steps towards them.

8.      Don’t settle for less than great.  Take a stand for greatness and believe in yourself.

9.      Be stubborn about what you want.

10.  Be aware of what’s at stake – for yourself and others.  Have a sense of urgency to achieve.

11.  Look to create books that you would personally use.

12.  Create a book that solves problems in unexpected ways.

13.  Seek to produce a book that would exceed a customer’s expectations.

14.  Ask readers what they want or need – and fulfill it.

15.  Consider your brand or author persona.  Who do you want to project?

16.  Consult the bestseller lists and fill a void.

Will you make this year better than the last one, better than ever?  Will you make the necessary sacrifices and take steps to live your convictions?  Will you do things differently than before?  Will you put in the time needed to break through?

You know what needs to be done.  Go do it!

Here’s some other well-intentioned advice to help you experience a great year in 2018:

·         Rally around your best opportunities.
·         Get help from others.
·         Don’t take on everything at once -- prioritize.
·         Think things through -- then take action and execute!
·         Do things properly the first time around.
·         Get out of your mental jail.
·         Free up your mind.
·         Change things.
·         Stop being afraid – resolve nagging issues.
·         Think your way through an issue or obstacle.
·         Move forward, always.
·         Focus on the next thing – one at a time.
·         Imagine things into existence.
·         Build your dream one day at a time.
·         The longer something has been around, the less likely it will be.
·         See the cycles and tipping points in everything.
·         Anticipate for scenarios you can assume will happen – and prepare.
·         Be ethical – do what’s right – and no buts.
·         Encourage others to be ethical.
·         Travel and experience new things.
·         Create a flow-chart of ideas with a timeline of action steps.
·         Visualize; then fill in the details.
·         Be prepared for change.
·         Stay vigilant and persistent to reach a goal.
·         Have flexibility built into your day or plan.
·         Get others to work for you.
·         Review things constantly – nothing is ever settled.
·         Be fair, savvy, hard-working -- and balance with rest, fun and reward.
·         Connect people and things:  Be a resource.
·         Seek out what’s needed, underserviced, wasted, and underutilized – and turn it into gold.
·         Reduce your risks but expand your rewards.
·         Always set goals and reach higher.
·         Learn more -- always.
·         Enjoy the process of life.
·         Contribute to the success of others.
·         Stay in touch and nurture your relationships.
·         Live for today like you’ll die tomorrow.
·         Live your values, know your truth, be what you write about.
·         Less worry, more thinking.  Less thinking, more talking and asking.  Get helpful information.  Less talking, more doing, ACT!   
·         Hedge against all -- have multiple scenarios, based on the odds, guesses, information, and anticipation of what is to come.
·         See a truth and explore or confront it and follow to its logical conclusion, without baggage or fear.
·         Ask questions and query.  You make a final but informed decision.
·         Invest each day to learn something or meet someone new.
·         Figure out what’s important to each of us and identify what holds us back individually.
·         How do we agree on what to work towards together, both for us and to help the other achieve or enjoy?
·         Take time out to balance life and enjoy things, but also to change how you do things and invest in laser focus and research on things like planning a trip.  Delve in and partner with others.

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