Friday, January 12, 2018

Celebrate National Puzzle Day With Books

National Puzzle Day will be celebrated on January 29th.  It sounds like a wonderful celebration -- to honor the problem-solving side of life by doing a crossword, word search, Soduko, or some other challenge like a brain teaser.  Perhaps we can hit two things at once and do a puzzle that relates to or represents books.

Studies have shown that work on a jigsaw puzzle uses both sides of the brain.  Spending time with puzzles improves cognitive function, helps one’s memory, and increases one’s problem-solving skills.

What would be a win-win situation is to have people do puzzles that are book-related.  How about assembling a jigsaw puzzle depicting the cover of a best-seller or classic title or an award-winning author, or the image of a famous character?  You can frame it and turn your puzzle into book-supportive art!

A search online shows such puzzles exist:

·         Reader’s Paradise
·         Bestsellers Puzzle
·         Book Shop Puzzle

White Mountain produces a puzzle called Great Books.  You see covers of The Cat in the Hat, 1984, Gone with the Wind, Catch-22, The Color Purple, The Great Gatsby, The Godfather, etc.  It’s 300 pieces and looks great.

Many books contain puzzles:

·         The Total Brain Workout
·         The Everything Kids’ Puzzle Book
·         Word Search Book for Adults
·         100 Logic Puzzles
·         The Big Book of Cryptic Crosswords
·         400+ Soduko Puzzles
·         The Amazing Emoji Puzzle Book
·         Grandma’s Book of Crosswords

Perhaps you can create your own puzzle relating to books.  Do a word search using only literary terms or a crossword puzzle using only publishing references.  Play hangman using only book publishing jargon.  Make a jigsaw puzzle showcasing your favorite author.  Create book trivia.  There’s no end to the fun or creativity behind this.

Anything that involves games, puzzles, and books is going to be great!

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