Thursday, February 15, 2018

Is Your Book Hotter Than Jen Selter’s Butt?

Let me state from the get-go that Jen Selter, by most standards, is attractive, sexually appealing, healthy-looking, and a savvy, business woman.  She has turned her butt into a financial windfall.  If you don’t know who she is or can’t understand what this ultra-hot woman has to do with book marketing, read on.

Selter is a modern-day Internet sensation.  A few years ago images of her amazing bottom went viral and this young lady, out of nowhere, has become a pop icon.  She has some 12 million followers on Instagram and says her ventures yield over five million dollars annually.  I guess no one should begrudge her ability to make a buck but several questions abound:

·         Is she an enemy of women for “selling her body” and pushing an unrealistic body image?
·         Why do we value someone simply because they have an unusually-shaped butt, one that may be enhanced by genes, surgeries, drugs, or padded outfits?
·         If she did earn her butt through exercise and, diet, good for her, but is she a realistic model for the masses who, no matter how many squats, lunges, or leg presses they will never have half the ass she has?

Ok, so again, what does this have to do with books?

Authors and publishers spend a lot of time and money to build a brand, market a name or book, and to gain a following and yet almost no author can compare to the level of connections and wealth that this ass model has acquired on her own.  But rather than complain about American values or question whether Selter represents a true feminist or its worst nightmare, I want you to think about what you can do to replicate her success.

The hot-ass category has a lot of competition, from Jenifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, to every new runway model and seeker of instant fame via the Internet and yet only a handful have managed to make a big living off of their ass-et.  How did Jennifer Selter do it?

First, she took a great product — herself — and fed it directly to the masses via the free web of social media.  She created viral-worthy images, video, and text.  She didn’t do it just once, but regularly, for several years.

Second, she does this full-time.  “This,” meaning she posts and shares every day.  Her sister helps her too.  It’s afull-time direction to marketing that has elevated her above others.

Third, she crosses over.  She appeals to men — for her raw sexual appeal – and to women for her girl-power approach to health, lifestyle and fitness.  If she’s really smart, she’ll continue to diversify and she’ll bring others along with her, for let’s face it, as she ages she won’t be able to be the only butt in town.

Fourth, she uses photography and digital tricks very well.  She exists in one medium, the one that is everywhere, all the time.

Fifth, she’s learning to get attention from traditional media.  She was recently linked to a New York Knicks star and then she made headlines for getting kicked off an airline flight.  This is a course in celebrity 101.  Next off she needs to be involved in some type of lawsuit, hacking mix up, or nude-photo scandal.  I’m sure all of those are in her playbook.

So what can authors do to compete with this?  They can’t and don’t have to –but they can raise their game to the point they can triple their earnings and increase their platform by a ton more connections.

Every author should cover a wall in their basement, study room, or bathroom with printouts of her firm, curvaceous, and tantalizing body.  Remind yourself that she was a nobody and now she has become a star.  It’s a simple formula:

*Create posts people want to read or see.
*Post every single day, multiple times.
*Share and get others to share – give them viral-quality content.

Don’t let her make an ass out of every writer.  Tap into your greatest asset and use it shamelessly to your advantage.

If that doesn’t work, write a book about her ass.  At the very least, she’ll buy a copy of it, and likely post incessantly on Instagram about it.

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