Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lose Weight, Promote A Book!, Change The World!

As of this writing I dropped about 15 pounds.  It was long overdue, so I’m not rushing the process.  But I have modified my diet – the quantity and quality of what I eat.  I also am exercising more and even joined a gym.  My goal is to get healthy and not just to slim down to fit into an outfit for an event or to merely look good.  I want to feel good.  Is going on a diet similar to the process an author undergoes to promote his or her book?

The first similarity is that most authors wish they didn’t have to dedicate time or resources or mindshare to marketing in a book.  They just want to write freely, unencumbered of the responsibility to brand their work.  The same is true of dieters.  Everyone wishes they could eat what they want, when they want, free of concern over weight, health and energy.  No one wants to have to work out on a scheduled basis.

The second analogy between dieters and book marketing authors is that they require discipline to succeed.  To lose weight and maintain that loss, one has to be disciplined and focused.  So too, does the writer have to be disciplined in his or her approach to marketing a book.  You can’t cheat today and work at it only tomorrow.  It’s a forever thing and a new way of life for many to diet or market a book.

Third, authors and dieters need to handle setbacks, rejections, and slipups without fully falling off track.  They need to stay motivated and receive emotional support so they can muster the will to confront the daily changes of limited caloric intake or handling rejections from the news media.

Fourth, authors and dieters need professional guidance and resources to succeed.  Though one can go on a diet on their own, it would help to consult books about weight loss and working out.  Authors, though they can promote their books on their own, would benefit from utilizing a book publicity firm or at least attending seminars, reading books about book marketing, and consulting a book marketing coach.  To do things on your own you may need the advice and support of the pros.

Fifth, there will be ups and downs on the road to long-term success for both the dieter and the author.  They will need the resolve to see the long-term picture and not get flustered by natural, short-term setbacks.  Many dieters will come upon a week where the scale ticked up.  Many authors will have days and weeks where social media followers remain flat or news media rejections pile up.  Stay the course and make necessary adjustments.  What worked for you yesterday may no longer hold true tomorrow.  Practice good habits but always seek to improve upon them.

Sixth, another good comparison between dieters and authors is that both feel great and exude confidence when they make advancements.  New opportunities will open for the slimmed down and the highly braded author.  Success begets success.  You can rise above your current circumstances, change your behavior, refocus your mindset, and find new ways to reach your goals.

The behavior and psychology employed to lose weight or promote a book can cross over into other areas of your life.  Indeed, your success in one can be infectious to other facets of your being.  Maybe you improve your parenting abilities, your relationships with others, or your bottom line.  Suddenly you see a path to overhauling your world and giving yourself a boost to make needed changes.

Maybe by promoting a book – or going on a diet – you might just change your life and the universe around you.


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